Beware Government “Protecting” The Establishment Media

As the political and media establishment continue to lose power and trust among the public, their desperation is increasing.

Rather than look at their own role in losing support because they present narrow and biased coverage that serves those in power, they have instead looked everywhere else, casting blame on the public, social media, the internet, “fake news,” the economy, and anything else that diverts attention from themselves.

All of that is a distraction.

Here’s the real problem the establishment media faces: The ideas and viewpoints you see are almost all within a narrow box, and are overly deferential to political figures.

Look at any article on an establishment media site. Look at the perspective in the article, and then look at the comments. You’ll see a huge difference in sentiment between the public sharing their opinion in the comments, and the opinion put forth in the article.

You can see this on almost every establishment site, particularly the ones pushing the elitist line.

Instead of questioning why the public disagrees so strongly, the media says condescending things like “Don’t read the comments.”

Then, some go even further.

The CBC often shuts comments down entirely on stories, depriving the public of a chance to respond and share their thoughts.

Rise of independent media

This massive disconnect between the establishment media and the public has led to the rise of independent media. Local grassroots news and individual blogs are increasing in number and in readership.

This terrifies the establishment, and they’re running to the principal for help.

In this case, the principal is government, and the demands for bailouts and “regulations” on the media are getting stronger and stronger.

This should have us very concerned.

The last thing we need is government control or even direct “support” for the media. Imagine for a moment what would happen if all media becomes financially dependent on the government for survival. They would be terrified of criticizing those in power, so they would start turning – over time – into mere propaganda outlets for the government.

Even worse, the government would be afraid of independent publications not dependent on their support. So, they would seek to “regulate” those publications, making them spew the party line or get shut down. This could be done under the excuse of combatting “fake news” and “protecting” the public or some other government scare tactic.

The end result would be de facto government control of the media, which would be the end of true freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Of course, even then, the government would still let the media establishment make money in the private sector, so the corporate bosses would be well compensated for their submission to the state.

The establishment is not far from trying this, and especially considering the government in power now federally, we need to beware any move in that direction.

The establishment fears what they don’t control, and they don’t control you

The establishment is afraid of you. They fear your ability to think and reason and come to your own conclusions. They fear your ability to see through their lies. They fear your ability to stop them from pushing their harmful agenda.

That’s why the establishment wants to control you, by controlling what you see and restricting the range of views and opinions you are presented.

In a free country, the media landscape should be a total free-for-all. There should be pro-government and anti-government opinions, thoughts from across the political spectrum, those that try to just report facts, and those that are openly biased. All of those groups can compete in the marketplace of ideas and the public – each individual person at a time – gets to decide what they want to read, watch, or listen to.

That’s what freedom is about.

That’s why we must be watchful for any attempts by the government to “protect” the establishment media. Whatever false justification they may use, we know that the real goal would be to suppress different opinions, and entrench the power of the status quo at the expense of individual expression and freedom of speech.

We must never let that happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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