WASTE: Trudeau Government Deficit Reaches $14 Billion So Far

Lots of spending, few results

Through nine months of the fiscal year, Justin Trudeau’s government has run a budget deficit of $14 billion. For comparison, there was a $3.2 billion surplus at the same time last fiscal year.

Not only is our debt rising rapidly, but Canadians aren’t seeing any benefit for all this new spending. Where is the surge in jobs or wealth? Where is the economic growth? Where is the opportunity?

We aren’t seeing it, because Trudeau and his government are stuck in the elitist mindset that wants to take people’s money, rather than let people keep what they’ve earned.

You can see how that mindset works when you consider the factors contributing to the rising deficit.

$5.7 billion of the increase is somewhat understandable, as it includes transfers to individuals – including seniors. Those benefits were earned.

However, the vast majority of the increased deficit is on program spending. A whole $8.9 billion of the added deficit  comes from that direct program spending, which is up a whopping 11.3%.

Yet, that money isn’t going towards infrastructure projects that would create long-term economic growth. It’s being funneled back into the hands of bureaucrats, as Ottawa has gone on a government hiring spree, and increased the size of the state by tens of thousands of workers.

That’s why we feel like our taxes keep going up, and nothing ever improves. It’s because our money is being sucked away and then dumped into the endless pit of government largesse.

We are paying the price for the Trudeau ideology that views Canadians as a piggy-bank for the government.

And this is all before we get slammed with the carbon tax.

It was already reported that Canada’s inflation rate rose far above economists expectations – hitting 2.1% year-over-year in January. Economists only predicted a 1.6% increase (though when have they gotten any predictions right?)

That rise in inflation – meaning your money buys less and less – was mainly due to increased transportation costs and higher gas prices.

And what drove those cost and price increases?

New carbon tax policies in Ontario and Alberta.

So, just as we get squeezed by the state more and more, we’re about to get slammed with even more taxes and our money won’t go as far. We’re going to get poorer, while the comfy politicians in their government offices get richer off of our money.

It’s a total disgrace, and a total betrayal of the Canadian people. Remember, Trudeau said he wouldn’t raise taxes on the vast majority of Canadians, and promised modest deficits for three years. Instead, we’re getting tax hikes and massive deficits, plus pathetic economic growth to go along with it.

As the deficit and debt rises, and Canadians continue to struggle, there can be no doubt that Justin Trudeau has completely failed the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter