ELITISM: Trudeau’s Privy Council Budget Highest In A Decade

Trudeau surrounds himself with more bureaucrats at your expense

It seems Justin Trudeau isn’t satisfied with the $120.7 million in taxpayers money going to his privy council office.

The privy council serves as the Prime Minister’s bureaucracy, and Trudeau wants it to be even bigger.

So, at a time when Canadians are struggling to make ends meet, Trudeau is increasing the privy council budget by a massive 20% to $144.9 million.

But it’s even worse. That’s just the amount formally budget for the privy council. It turns out that the elitist Trudeau has been topping up that budget throughout the year, adding “supplemental” spending that brings the total to over $160 million.

Obviously the Prime Minister needs a staff, but there’s no justification for a 20% increase. Instead, it should be a 20% cut.

This is an unfortunate trend with the Trudeau government. Even as technology advances and we can do more with less, they keep on hiring more and more people, taking money out of your pockets to give it to bureaucrats.

It’s just another example of Justin Trudeau’s elitist attitude. He wants to be surrounded by more of the image of power, and adding a bunch of bureaucrats is part of crafting that image.

Trudeau could care less if that image requires taking even more money from the pockets of Canadians.

Just another reason Justin Trudeau must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter