Photo Op Prince: Trudeau Uses Refugees To Score Political Points

Justin Trudeau, AKA the “Photo Op Prince,” is building quite an international reputation for himself.

His “everyone is welcome” stance is getting him favourable coverage in the establishment media, and he’s managed to concoct many great photo ops for himself. He’s presenting himself as the compassionate saviour of those in need, in contrast to the “big mean bullies down south.”

There’s only one little problem: Trudeau’s obsession with his image is actually hurting refugees.

Here’s why:

One thing Trudeau hasn’t been keen on mentioning is that any refugee claimant who comes to Canada and is rejected – as many will be – will not be sent back to the United States. They will be sent back to their country of origin.

Let me repeat that: Those who cross the border and enter Canada from the United States will be sent back to their original country if their application for asylum is rejected. They will NOT be able to go back home to the United States.

But that’s not the impression many refugee claimants are under. Trudeau has created such a massive PR blitz around our “everyone is welcome” attitude, that he is obscuring the fact that “not everyone will be approved.”

That means there are people packing up their stuff in the US and preparing to make the dangerous trip across the border to Canada at this very moment, under the impression that they will be guaranteed a place in this country.

Many of those people will end up losing twice. They will lose their chance to come to Canada, and they will lose their home in the United States.

Because of Trudeau’s falsely optimistic image, many people will end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy: By leaving the US for Canada to avoid being deported to their original country, they will end up being deported to their original country.

This is a direct result of Justin Trudeau’s decision to use refugees to score political points and boost his image, rather than use his position to speak the truth about what happens to those denied refugee claims.

Lives put at risk by empty feel-good rhetoric

The trip across empty and unguarded sections of the Canada-US border can be dangerous, especially in cold winter weather.

The more Trudeau keeps pushing the “everyone is welcome lie,” the more people will attempt the trip. That increases the odds that people will be injured, and even die, when they would otherwise be safe in their homes in the US.

Trudeau has also said Canada won’t be taking action to stop the crossings, again giving the impression that people will be accepted when their case is reviewed. That will surely lead to a further increase in crossings. It’s also a total dereliction of duty for a Canadian PM to openly admit that our borders will be left totally open for anyone to cross.

The problem for the photo op prince is that if he was more honest, he would be deprived of his precious photo ops and image-building campaigns, and he can’t allow that.

Time for Trudeau to be honest (unlikely)

Justin Trudeau has a big platform, and he should use that platform to be honest with those seeking asylum in Canada. That honesty would reduce the flow of illegal border crossings while strengthening the integrity of our laws.

It would also give everyone a realistic appraisal of the situation, rather than the dangerous feel-good rhetoric that obscures the truth.

If Trudeau continues to push propaganda rather than facts, he only proves that his image matters far more to him than either the Canadian people, or those crossing the border.

So far, the Photo Op Prince is earning his nickname.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter