CRAZY: Trudeau Government Says NO To More Canada Border Staff

Now he’s not even listening to his own MPs

Justin Trudeau’s elitist government is becoming more and more distant from Canadians. Now, it seems that distance extends even to some of his own MPs.

MaryAnn Mihychuk, Liberal MP for Kildonan-St. Paul, recently met on the ground with Canada Border Guards in Emerson Manitoba.

Emerson has experienced a surge in illegal border crossings, and the town has struggled to manage.

After her meeting, Mihychuk said the border guards didn’t have what they needed and requested more support.

Instead of providing more resources to deal with an obvious problem – people are crossing our border completely unchecked – Trudeau’s government said no to her request.

A spokesman for Ralph Goodale – Canada’s Public Safety Minister – said the Emerson border already has enough staff.

That is a straight up lie.

If the border was adequately staffed, people wouldn’t be entering the town of Emerson without being stopped in the first place.

If the border was adequately staffed, Emerson residents wouldn’t be getting knocks on the door in the middle of the night from freezing border crossers.

Clearly, the border is NOT adequately staffed. Trudeau is trying to push a lie on Canadians.

Trudeau’s elitism is damaging the country

Trudeau’s rejection of Mihychuk’s request is a sign that his elitism is consuming the government. Mihychuk actually saw the situation on the ground, whereas Trudeau rejected her request from the distant capital. For Trudeau’s government to pretend all is well at the border is to exhibit a total disregard for the people effected by the border crossings.

Trudeau is showing that he doesn’t even care what his own MPs think, so why would anyone expect that he cares about the Canadian people?

He’s not doing anything to secure the border or to make sure the rules are followed. Instead, he is seeking international praise and attention at the expense of our country.

Trudeau’s arrogance keeps getting worse, and now he’s ignoring members of his own government. Clearly, the only thing he’ll listen to is a massive election defeat.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Trudope is a total disappointment to every Canadian…..loser PM


Why are CBC and CTV not giving us this news? We have to let people know what a criminal he is.

Allen Trowsdale

We need to call an election and get liberals out

George S Duncan

The Liberal Party of Canada needs to mutiny. They have to recognize the harm JT is doing and take the necessary steps to remove him from office. If not a mutiny, then 30 ministers can cross the floor to the Conservatives and call for a vote of non-confidence. They don’t even have to cross the floor. They can just call for a vote of non-confidence and then vote for it.

Patricia Mckinstry

Write and phone GivGen and all MPs they must stop Trudeau and open borders! How many are coming in by plane does anyone k ow??

Allen Trowsdale

I certainly agree out with J.T.
but then who?
I think another election would be in order.

Julie Jackson

It looks as though Justin has some more growing up to do. Sorry but he can’t possibly ignore border crossing issues. So he has excellent security now. Are we to assume that our border Canadians deserve any less? Come now… put a rush on every border crossing area from east to west and save us all from domination…oh God.

Barb Haddow

Do you know if what you are suggesting has ever been done in Canada before?

Lee Bouvier

George S Duncan , your idea of non confidence vote seems to be our only way out . Lib members need to understand this , they themselves ,liberal MPs , can help save Canada .The GG will have to agree to suspend gov’t so a vote of non confidence can be taken


How do we get this message to the liberals?

Patricia Mckinstry

Write to Gov.Gen. and all MPs and tell them no more illegals! No to Trudeaus policy!

Patricia Mckinstry

Who can stop Trudeau before it is too late? How many illegals have come in?? This is the UNs doing! We need Canexit!!

Marc Wright

Mmmm, steaming pile of conservative propaganda



Evan Knowles

The issue in Emerson goes beyond adequate staffing levels. I would suggest doing some actual research on the situation before simply dumping on the gov’t. This problem is more complicated than merely adding more officers to a port of entry.


I don’t have an issue with a “controlled/regulated balance of new immigrates but we will have lots of problems if this uncontrolled influx of immigrates is not dealt with. What also worries me is the extra costs of dealing with those people who are now in Cda..I keep thinking that the $$ used for this purpose could be better spent taking care of our own citizens, schools etc etc…just saying GWS


This PM and Butts should be charged and sent to jail. Trying to contact the GG but having problems finding the proper site that will accept my message. Any ideas?

Allen Trowsdale

J.T. needs a reality check.
No confidence would work.
It can’t happen soon enough.


#assmonkey #spawnofPET


I hope this gets worse……….maybe then our Canadian sheep will wake up.