The Misguided Trust In Government

Why should we trust those who have their own agenda?

Those in power often ask us to “trust the government.”

They claim that the government always has our best interests at heart, and that if we only trusted them enough they could fix all the problems.

But that trust is misguided.

After all, what is government?

Those in power want us to think it is some sort of magical system that dispenses benefits onto the people. But that’s not true at all.

Government is nothing more than a group of people occupying jobs for a certain period of time.

That fundamental truth is why the elitists and globalists are suffering such a loss in support. They need to maintain the myth of government infallibility and power, and make sure nobody sees that it’s just a group of people imposing an agenda on others.

People are waking up to the fact that we can hate our government and love our country at the same time. We can see it in recent surveys.

There is an inherent contradiction that those who love big government are unable to answer: If we need a big government to protect people from themselves, what makes them think we can trust the people in power?

They can’t answer that question honestly, because it exposes big government for what it is: A system to control and restrict our freedom and individual rights.

We should not trust the government. We should distrust it. We should be skeptical. We should question the motives of those who run it. And we should seek to reduce the overbearing power it has over our lives.

It’s time to move beyond the idea of trusting government, and trust in individuals and families instead.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter