UN Gaza Staffer Secretly Elected To Hamas Politburo

It’s well-known that the UN focuses a massively disproportionate amount of their time attacking Israel. Despite the fact that Israel is the only country in the Middle East with the western values of individual freedom, freedom of religion, and equality between men and women, the UN spends way more time attacking Israel than anyone else.

So it’s no surprise that a UN staffer was found to have direct ties to Hamas – the ruthless organization that has committed numerous horrendous terrorist attacks.

Suhail al-Hindi – the chairman of the UNRWA Palestinian workers union in Gaza, was found to have a senior leadership position with Hamas. Al-Hindi was secretly elected to the Islamist group’s Politburo, in evidence that was first brought forth by the government of Israel. Israel, along with many other including Canada and the United States consider Hamas a terrorist organization.

It must be noted that UNRWA has been accused of working with extremist organizations in the past.

Al-Hindi had already been caught working with Hamas

The UN shouldn’t have been surprised that Al-Hindi was caught working with Hamas, since it’s happened before. In 2011, the UN had to suspend Al-Hindi because he was participating in events with Hamas members.

The UN should have fired Al-Hindi in 2011, but they didn’t. Instead, they let him go back to work, potentially helping terrorists and putting innocent people at risk.

More and more, it is obvious that the UN is blinded by their hatred of Israel, and are willing to form alliances with groups sympathetic to terrorists to undermine a democratic nation.

Al-Hindi has been suspended once again, but not yet fired. The UN is probably hoping people will forget about it, and quietly put him back to work.

It’s just another example of the UN’s failing moral authority, which should push free and democratic countries to focus on promoting our principles, rather than funding a corrupt and broken organization that does more harm than good.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter