Canadian Troops In Syria? Government Considering “Options”

The Canadian Military is reportedly looking at options for military operations in Syria, and will present those options to the government for consideration.

The report comes as the United States is considering expanding operations in Syria as part of Donald Trump’s pledge to eliminate ISIS.

Among the options are a small advisory force, or a larger “boots on the ground” commitment.

While the timing will certainly draw attention, the Canadian Military regularly presents options to the government, and this is in keeping with usual policy.

However, the real issue to consider is whether our military is well equipped enough for an operation in Syria.

Years of underfunding and neglect have put our troops in a precarious situation, and it would be morally wrong for the government to send our brave men and women in uniform to a war zone if they don’t have the tools they need.

This could be fixed – as I’ve said numerous times – by our government increasing military spending by billions of dollars. This would protect the security of our nation, and ensure that if our troops do get sent into Syria or anywhere else, they are given the best equipment.

Regardless of circumstance, our Canadian troops deserve the best of the best.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter