DISRESPECT: Liberal Minister Blocks Veterans Advocate

It seems that literally every day offers more evidence of how out-of-touch the Trudeau government has become. The way the government treated a respected Veterans Advocate has only confirmed that growing divide between the government and the Canadian People.

First reported by Andrea Gunn of the Chronicle Herald, Veterans Advocate Kim Davis was blocked from the Facebook page of Liberal Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr. The block meant Davis could not see posts on the page, or share her thoughts.

While being blocked from a Facebook page may seem minor, in the case of Hehr’s page it is one of the main ways for Canadian Veterans and their families to get directly in touch with the Minister.

Davis is a Nova Scotia resident, and is a caregiver for her husband who suffers from PTSD after his service in the Bosnia conflict.

Through her outspoken willingness to hold the government accountable for the treatment of veterans, Davis has become a strong voice for Canadian Veterans and their family members.

As reported in the Herald, Davis says she usually comments one or two times per month on Hehr’s page, which she says is a more effective way of reaching him than emails, phone calls, or mail. When looked at that way, we can see that her being blocked from his page is equivalent to her mail being shredded without being read or her phone calls being blocked by Hehr’s staff – both of which would not be acceptable.

Davis says she always comments respectfully, and that she was blocked for criticizing Justin Trudeau for not keeping campaign promises.

This was the comment that got Davis banned:

“Trudeau campaigned for no pipelines. Is this another broken promise?”

Think about that for a moment.

Are people not allowed to criticize the Prime Minster without being blocked from contacting their government representatives?

That’s not how a democratic government is supposed to act.

Davis’ comment was removed and she was banned from the page.


Perhaps the government is worried because Davis is a credible and strong advocate for Veterans, and their record of support for veterans is pretty terrible.

It should be noted that failing veterans has been a bi-partisan issue. The previous government did not do enough to support Veterans either, and it has to change. We owe our freedom and security to our Veterans, and they deserve the best of the best.

Unfortunately, it seems the government’s treatment of veterans is getting even worse.

For example, the amount of medical marijuana that veterans are covered for has been cut, despite the help it has provided for many veterans facing serious health issues.

As Davis told the Chronicle Herald, “The trust between the veterans’ community and this government is already lost for a majority of veterans,”

And Nova Scotia Veteran Doug Roberts said, “(Trudeau) is not delivering. There was a promise made to veterans for a return to lifelong disability pensions and they’re not delivering. They can blow all the smoke and mirrors out there they want but until they deliver that, veterans are not going to get off their back.”

The Liberals can’t fix that broken trust by blocking people on Facebook. They will have to dramatically increase funding for Veterans, and if necessary, clean house at the Veterans Affairs Department to get people in there who can start faithfully serving Canadian Veterans and get the support they have earned.

And each of us – as Canadian Citizens – have a role to play as well. Kim Davis was eventually unblocked from Hehr’s page – but only after her supporters stood up for her and the matter was brought to light.

While Trudeau may be unwilling to listen to anyone, a few of his MPs may still have somewhat open minds (if only to get re-elected).

That’s why I’ve included contact info for Kent Hehr below. Feel free to send him a (respectful) message, saying you demand that our government stop breaking its promises to our Veterans.

Though it’s unlikely, perhaps Hehr will be willing to ignore the elitist and arrogant attitude of his boss and actually get something done for the Canadian People.

Contact Kent Hehr

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Trudeau is just a young boy, dose not know his stuff.


Get a backbone Hehr.start standing up for the people that are paying you. How do you guys sleep at night? Time for the liberals to vote that unstable dictator out. He has just shortened your career while ruining our country. He won’t even listen to ” his own” . Pretty scary!!

Mel Kozun

Facebook “blocking” is redundant. All she needs to do is set up another Facebook account under a new name……. then comment away until that account gets blocked ….. rinse – repeat …

Lawrence Tierney

Justin “The JUDAS” Trudeau, is just like his Pathetic Father. Pierre Trudeau was a COWARD, who refused to serve his country during a time of War. As a Reserve officer, he was Kicked out of the Army for Lack of Discipline (Read INSUBORDINATION). The Trudeau’s have never cared for the Canadian Military or its Veterans, this is probably due to the fact; that we remind them of their COWARDICE. (CAF, 38 Years).

John Jalbert

AS a veteran and as a concerned Canadian I am part of the current portion of this country’s population that is being systematically targeted by Trudeau and the Liberals for having the patriotism to stand up for my country. This is to my mind an insult to ALL of us. If you feel that you cannot support the vets that have kept our nation safe then GET OUT OF GOVERNMENT!

Dave Hutchinson

Our veterans deserve a lot better! They deserve more than wreaths and monuments showing respect to those passed. The living need and deserve respect NOW! Kent Hehr should not be in charge of the veteran file. He simply is not qualified! He doesn’t listen to know what needs to be done! On his FB page he talks more about every other issue then about veteran issues. He is great at lip service by continuing the same rhetoric of “care, compassion, respect” without meaning any of it. P.M. Trudeau has lied to vets to get elected. Lied about carbon pricing (tax),… Read more »