Overkill: Five North Korea Officials Executed With Anti-Aircraft Gun

It looks like another purge is underway in North Korea.

Five officials have been executed in dramatic fashion as they were blown to shreds with anti-aircraft guns.

Talk about overkill.

Since taking power, Kim Jong Un has executed numerous top officials, including his own Uncle.

A defence minister was executed in 2015 for falling asleep.

The latest executions reportedly stemmed from the officials making reports that “enraged” Kim Jong Un – which could mean accurately reporting that people can’t find food to eat.

Of course, the most high-profile execution was the killing by of his half-brother, Kim Jong Nam. Though it’s not yet conclusively proven, it is widely thought that North Korea was behind it.

GRAPHIC PHOTO: Execution of North Korean Official With Anti-Aircraft Gun

North Korea Executes Official With Anti-Aircraft Guns

Weakening regime

It is thought that Kim Jong Un resorts to purges when he feels threatened, and with growing tensions between North and South Korea, a rare condemnation from China, and a tougher posture from the United States, Kim Jong Un is under more pressure than ever before.

With the regime growing more and more desperate, North Korea is likely to become more unstable, which could have big consequences for the region, and the world.

Spencer Fernando

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