Spain Prosecutes 65 Corrupt Bankers

After the 2008 financial crisis, millions of people lost their jobs and their homes. Entire industries were devastated, and many countries came close to collapse.

And yet, the politicians and bankers who created the crisis emerged unscathed. In fact, many of them got even richer and more powerful at the expense of everyone else.

Think about it: How many bankers or politicians were jailed or punished for almost destroying the world economy?

They were protected by the corrupt globalist system – a system that only looks out for those in the elite club – while leaving the rest of us to struggle with the consequences of their failures.

However, as people around the world wake up to the corruption of the globalists, it seems there are a few initial efforts to hold them accountable.

Spain is one example of that.

Rodrigo Rato, former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has been sentenced to 4.5 years in jail for embezzlement from two banks he led in the past – Bankia & Caja Madrid.

As reported by the AFP, Rato “misused” over $12 million Euro’s from 2003 to 2012. During that time, Spain underwent a terrible economic crisis, with unemployment reaching nearly 25%. Youth unemployment hit over 50% at its peak, and is still far above the historical average.

But while all that suffering was going on, Rato was living it up. And Bankia’s elitist leaders profited massively from Rato’s influence, as the bank was given 22 billion Euro’s worth of taxpayer money when it was on the verge of collapse. That wasn’t enough for Bankia though, as they were still at risk of failing, so they got another 41 billion Euro’s from the European Central Bank.

While Rato and his elitist friends got rich, regular people suffered. According to BusinessDay  “Thousands of small-scale investors lost their money after they were persuaded to convert their savings to shares ahead of the flotation of Bankia in 2011, with Rato at the reins. Less than a year later, he resigned as it became known that Bankia was in dire straits.”

Over 60 corrupt bankers taken down

The same investigation that brought down Rodrigo Rato also focused on over 6o other bankers. In total, 65 bankers have been prosecuted, with many facing jail time.

The corruption within the Spanish banking system was so bad that even the government referred to it as a “corrupt system.”

And the corruption is worldwide. Rato is the 3rd IMF President to have been charged with illegal conduct – and even the current IMF head is facing serious legal problems of her own.

It’s good to see Spain take action against corrupt bankers. It’s about time there is some accountability for corruption, but things must go much further. When the system itself becomes corrupt, those in government only serve themselves. Globalists such as Justin Trudeau and many other elitist leaders around the world have more in common with each other than they do with their fellow citizens.

Trudeau is connected to the global elite and serves their agenda, not the Canadian people. He is far more comfortable at expensive international gatherings than he is with fellow Canadians. Does anyone think Trudeau would prosecute any of the elite, even if there was clear evidence of corruption?

I don’t think so.

While Spain provides hope that justice still applies to those in power, Canada has a long way to go before our government is back in the hands of the people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter