Tax Grab: Federal Government Planning To End Some Tax Credits

But they won’t say which ones

Surprise, surprise. The federal government is trying to grab even more tax dollars from Canadians.

The Liberals are looking to get rid of some tax credits for the 2017 budget, but are not being open about which ones could be axed.

According to the Globe & Mail, the Chartered Professional Accounts (CPA) of Canada asked federal finance minister Bill Morneau to share the plans on eliminating tax credits with the public.

Morneau has ignored that request.

So much for “consulting” Canadians.

There are many tax credits available that reduce the tax burden on Canadians, so any cancellation of credits is a tax increase. It’s just another way for the government to take more money from Canadians and put it under the control of politicians.

The Liberals had initially said any tax credit reductions would be focused on those making over $200,000 a year. However, they quickly broke that promise, when they got rid of tax credits for children’s fitness and arts programs, and eliminated the textbook tax credit.

If there was a move to reduce tax credits while also cutting taxes across the board, that could be reasonable. But that’s not what the Liberals are doing. They are getting desperate because their massive spending increases haven’t given the economy a boost. As the deficit and debt keep getting bigger, the government gets more desperate for money, and instead of cutting their own spending, they go to their old fallback: Take more taxes from Canadians.

The fact that Morneau is ignoring the CPA shows the disregard of the Trudeau government for any voice other than their own. They don’t want to listen, and they don’t want to consult. The want to dictate. And it looks like they’ll be dictating higher taxes in their next budget.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter