Turkey Building Massive Wall On Border With Syria

Turkey, a majority-Muslim country, is building a wall that will cover almost their entire border with Syria, in an effort to increase security

The wall will be 511 km long, and is halfway to completion.

Dubbed the “Security Wall,” the barrier is made up of concrete blocks that weigh seven tons each. They are 2 metres thick at their base, and are 3 meters (10 feet) tall. At the top, there is another full meter of razor wire. Finally there will be roads for army vehicles to patrol and watch towers along the entire length of the wall.

The wall is also portable, meaning it can be moved when necessary.

Turkey is constructing the wall under fears of ISIS attacks and terrorist infiltration.

Some human rights groups have criticized the wall, saying it will trap Syrian refugees. However, Turkey has already taken in about three million refugees – many who made their way to Europe – and the country is now strengthening border controls and reducing the intake.

Interestingly, Europe has been pretty quiet when it comes to criticizing Turkey’s Security Wall. Europe is already facing serious pressure from a huge influx of refugees and growing fear of terrorism, and as much as they won’t admit it publicly, many European politicians will be glad to have the flow slow down to a trickle thanks to Turkey’s wall.

Greece will also be happy, since they have dealt with a flood of refugees, despite being almost totally bankrupt and having little ability to manage.

As the world gets more dangerous, it’s no surprise that more walls are going up. Sometimes the most simple solutions still work best.

WATCH: Video of Turkey’s Syria Border Wall

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter