Incompetent: Trudeau Spending $186 Billion Without “A Strategic Plan”

Throwing our money down the drain

A committee of the Canadian Senate is ripping into the Trudeau government for having no strategic plan for spending taxpayers money on infrastructure.

As reported by Jordan Press of CP, the national finance committee has found that much of the government’s infrastructure spending has only one metric for success: How much money is spent.

Not performance, not efficiency, just how much of your money Ottawa can shovel out the door.

If you’ve ever wondered how the government spends so much money without getting results, there’s your answer.

According to the committee, the government focuses simply on how many projects they are spending money on and how much is being spent, without developing a strategic plan ahead of time.

This shows a total disregard for your hard-earned money, and a disregard for the future of our nation, as infrastructure investment is vitally important to our future growth and job opportunities.

The report also says the process for cities to get promised infrastructure funds is overly complex – which can limit planned investment. It’s a cynical game by the federal government, taking the money from taxpayers, promising it will be invested, and then either wasting it, or making it too difficult to apply for.

Canada is in need of improved infrastructure, but we won’t get it as long as the government operates in such an incompetent manner.

Spending money without a plan is not the path to prosperity, it is the path to ruin.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter