Liberal Candidate Once Supported Niqab Ban

Yolande James, a candidate for the Liberal nomination in Stephane Dion’s old seat, once supported a ban on the Niqab.

In 2010, the Quebec government said a Niqab-covered woman had to remove her Niqab while taking a taxpayer funded language course.

A public debate and court battle followed.

At the time, James said of a Niqab ban, “It is a question of common sense.”

Imagine for a moment what they would be saying now if a Conservative or NDP member called for a Niqab ban?

The Trudeau liberals are already calling people who question Motion M-103 “Islamophobic,” so what would they say about someone critiizng the Niqab?

Strangely, the Trudeau government has not called James “Islamophobic.”

When it’s a member of their own party, it seems they give them a free pass.

But before Trudeau and his cronies go back to attacking people with different opinions, here is what James said back in 2010:

“You make the choice to come to Quebec – you are welcome. Immigration is a plus for society – but values must be respected, and I remind you that the majority supports these values.”

That seems like a common sense statement. But Trudeau’s government has moved so far to the extremes, that Yolande James’ past positions are far too reasonable for them.

Unfortunately, Trudeau’s PMO has pushed James to change her view.

As reported by Anthony Furey of Postmedia, James has since released a letter saying her views have “evolved.”

That’s the kind of statement politicians release when they’ve been told what to say if they want to run.

It seems that under Trudeau, common sense is no longer welcome.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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