Why Is Trudeau Selling Canada Out To China?

Trudeau making huge mistake by letting China gain a foothold in our healthcare system

The Trudeau government is letting a secretive Chinese company – Anbang Insurance – buy a British Columbia-based Canadian senior care provider, Retirement Concepts.

Trudeau approved the sale before the BC government had the chance to make their own approvals.

I’ve written previously about the Anbang deal, which you can read here.

The deal is incredibly problematic, and not just because we’re losing a Canadian-owned company to a shady Chinese company so secretive that we don’t even know who actually owns it.

It’s a big problem because it raises the disturbing possibility that Justin Trudeau is now actively seeking to increase China’s control and influence over our country.

Remember, Trudeau was lobbied specifically about opening up Canada’s senior care market to China at one of his Cash-For-Access fundraisers.

Then, months later, he did exactly what he was asked.

Since we don’t know the details of what else Trudeau was lobbied about, we are in the dark about what else he may have promised to China.

Is more of our healthcare system going to be sold off to China?

Will our banking system be taken over?

We already know he’s okay with letting China buy Canadian-owned ITF Technologies and possibly gain access to our military secrets.

What else will he give up?

Canadians deserve answers, and we deserve to have our country protected. China is an undemocratic country that does not follow international law. They act ruthlessly to gain power over other countries, pushing those nations into a position of subservience.

We must not let that happen to Canada.

We can’t just let China-owned companies walk in and start buying up our healthcare and other parts of our economy. Trudeau is making a huge mistake to think that we won’t pay a price for letting the Chinese government gain more power in our country.

We need to protect our nation.

Canada must never be sold out to China, and we must hold naive and foolish politicians like Justin Trudeau accountable at the ballot box when they seek to weaken our nation.

The True North Strong And Free must remain that way now, and forever.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

WATCH: If you want to think about what could happen to Canada if we are sold out to China, consider what happened to the United States. The video below – Death by China – is long, but it’s well worth watching.