Disturbing: Despite 54 Convictions, IRB Wanted Violent Refugee Released

Despite criminal convictions including 10 counts of assault and a conviction for sexual assault, the Immigration & Refugee Board ordered a violent refugee released 5 separate times

The most important job of government is keeping people safe.

We should be able to trust our government to make sure we are secure in our communities. That means those in positions of influence must act in a responsible and common sense way.

With that in mind, the total lack of responsibility and common sense shown by the Immigration and Refugee Board is shocking, and deeply disturbing.

The issue is Jacob Damiany Lunyamila. Lunyamila arrived in Canada in 1994 and was given asylum in 1996.

As reported by the National Post, since being in Canada, Lunyamila has been convicted of a whopping 54 separate crimes.

Those crimes include 10 assaults convictions, and a sexual assault conviction from 2014.

He was also once caught carrying an axe and attacking strangers on the street.

Clearly, Lunyamila has no business being in Canada.

Somehow – due to our horrendously weak justice system – Lunyamila has served time for all those sentences, and having been deemed inadmissible to Canada by our Border Agency, he must be deported.

Seems simple right? Just kick him out of the country.

But here’s where it gets stupid. Because Lunyamila won’t sign papers required by the Rwandan government (his home country), he apparently can’t be deported.


Hmmm, here’s an idea. Just forge his signature and send him on his way out of our country.

It is pathetically weak that his refusal to sign a stupid piece of paper means he can’t be deported.

But that’s not the worst of it. It gets way more stupid.

Because he won’t sign his papers, the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board has ordered his release.

Yes, you read that right, the fools at IRB think he should be released back into the Canadian population.

They think a man with a massive criminal record, including sexual assault and carrying an axe to threaten people, should be released.

Folks, it doesn’t get dumber than that.

The idiots at IRB ordered Lunyamila’s release 5 times. One of the pathetically stupid IRB members even called Lunyamila “a changed man.”

That person needs to be fired immediately.

The only thing stopping Lunyamila from being released was the great intervention of Justice Paul S. Crampton – who overruled the IRB and kept Lunyamila locked up.

Said Judge Crampton, releasing Lunyamila “would have the perverse effect of rewarding the detainee for his failure to co-operate with his removal.”

Far better that Lunyamila remains locked up, but even better would be him getting kicked out of Canada. Right now, Canadian taxpayers are paying for his maintenance, which is a total disgrace. Make him sign the paper and get him out of the country.

Clearly, many refugees do not commit crimes and are not dangerous like Lunyamila. But when our government acts with such weakness, it opens us up to substantial risk. If they can’t even deal with someone as obviously dangerous as Lunyamila, how can we have confidence in the government to keep Canadians safe?

It should be deeply concerning that there are people as dumb as the IRB members who wanted Lunyamila set loose. If those are the decisions we hear about, how many horrendous decisions are being made behind the scenes?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter