Too Little, Too Late: Kathleen Wynne To Cut Ontario Hydro Rates In Desperate Move

Why didn’t the Ontario government cut rates years ago?

In a desperate attempt to avoid a big election loss, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is planning to slash Hydro rates by 25%

Reported by the Toronto Star, the move will soon be unveiled by the government after the final details are worked out by the cabinet.

The savings will reportedly come from extending the length of electricity contracts, reducing the payments the government makes for power generation.

An announcement is expected as early as Tuesday.

Said Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault, “We do recognize the system that we built — eliminating coal, rebuilding the grid — that cost billions of dollars. We know that cost actually came at the expense of many families.”

Why did Wynne wait so long?

Many Ontario residents will be glad to find some savings. After all, ratepayers have been crushed by outrageous increases – in large part due to the governments failed “green energy” schemes.

However, while ratepayers will like the savings, people are already starting to ask why the government didn’t act sooner.

For a long time, the Ontario government acted as if there was nothing they could do to reduce rates. Then, with an election nearing and their poll numbers in the tank, all of a sudden the government discovers the ability to lower rates?

What a coincidence…

This means the government could have cut rates from the beginning. They could have prevented a massive amount of financial suffering. Instead, they kept gouging ratepayers.

The Wynne government is showing that they care only for their political fortunes, not for the people of Ontario. While many will welcome the rate cut, it can’t hide the cynical and dishonest nature of those in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Its not the hydro price, it’s the extra charges… customer charge, delivery charge, loss charge, global adjustment that was +/-4 cents now it’s unlimited!!!!!