POLL: Trump Speech To Congress Gets High Marks From Americans

Majority of viewers give Trump “Very Positive” ratings for his address to a joint session of Congress

Donald Trump’s Address to a joint session of Congress is receiving high marks from the American people.

According to a snap poll conducted by CNN, a full 78% of speech-watchers gave Trump a positive review, compared to 21% who gave a negative review.

Additionally, a majority of respondents (57%) had a “very positive” reaction to Trumps remarks.

Trump got the speech off to a strong start, sharing a message of unity and condemning hateful attacks against the Jewish community, and the murder of an Indian man shot dead in Kansas.

Bring back jobs

Trump also reiterated one of his most popular campaign pledges: Bringing back millions of American jobs.

Critics Praise

Even among Trump critics, there was acknowledgment that his speech was strong. Van Jones – a former Obama Administration official and frequent Trump critic who is also quite open to hearing different perspectives – says Trump could be in office for 8 years if he keeps doing what he did in the speech.

Speaking of Trump’s acknowledgment of the bravery and sacrifice of a fallen Navy Seal, Jones said Trump “Became President in that moment.” Watch Jones’ comments below:

Digging deeper into the numbers, there was more positive reaction to the speech, with two-thirds saying Trump has the right priorities for America. About 70% said the speech made them feel more optimistic about America’s future.

Over 70% agreed with Trump’s plans on both the economy and terrorism.

64% agreed with Trump on taxes, 62% on immigration, and 61% on healthcare.


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A strong speech at the right moment

With America deeply divided, President Donald Trump needed to get a good response, and he did. He showed that he could be a more unifying figure than some expected, and will likely receive a positive bump in the polls. The challenge will be converting the speech into a long-term effort to unify the United States.


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