WAR? Trump Administration Considering Military Force Against North Korea

As the unstable North Korean regime continues developing more advanced weapons delivery systems, the White House is said to be considering the use of military force as one of their options for containing or ending the threat.

Trump has promised that North Korea will not be able to test a fully functional intercontinental ballistic missile, and keeping that promise could require military force.

It should be noted that military force is one of many options on the list being considered. Another possibility is regime change, which would require destabilizing the North Korean regime, managing the instability so the country didn’t collapse completely, and then somehow ensuring that whoever took over wouldn’t be even worse than Kim Jong Un. Not an easy task.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the United States is considering the option of launching a strike if North Korea seemed near to testing an ICBM, and both Japan and South Korea are concerned by that possibility. Japan is also said to be worried that they could be forced into a war between the US and North Korea.

South Korea would have the most to lose by any full-blown military conflict. While North Korea would not be able to win vs the United States, they could destroy much of South Korea’s capital, and cause hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths – even in defeat.

Considering the disturbingly rapid progress North Korea is making on missile technology, the US commitment to stopping them could be put to the test very soon.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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