Buy Canadian: Phase Out Saudi Oil

Economic Patriotism

To the outrage of many Canadians, Justin Trudeau called for “phasing out” the oil sands at one of his town halls.

Ignoring the economic and political stupidity of that comment, Trudeau has things completely backwards.

There is a source of oil Canada should phase out, but it’s not the oil sands. It’s Saudi Arabian oil.

Much of Eastern Canada imports oil from Saudi Arabia, rather than getting it from Alberta or Newfoundland (or Manitoba & Saskatchewan to a far lesser amount). Our lack of national refining capacity, and the failure of politicians to build a strong energy infrastructure is a key reason why.

But when you stop and think about it, considering how much oil there is in Canada, it’s absurd that we rely on Saudi Arabia for anything. Instead of giving Canadian money to the Saudi’s we should use it to strengthen our own country.

That’s why Canada should phase out Saudi Oil, and build up the oil sands.

Canadian Economic Patriotism

Alberta has a massive amount of oil, more than enough to provide all we need here in Canada. It could be done if the shackles were taken off the energy industry, and the oil sands were allowed to grow. Instead of giving Canadian money to Saudi Arabia, we would keep it in our own country, creating more jobs and economic opportunities. Not only would Alberta benefit, but smaller oil producing regions in Canada would benefit is well. All Canadians would be winners.

An investment in pipeline and refining infrastructure could ignite a jobs boom in construction and the energy industry, in addition to the many jobs that would spring up as a result of increased growth in the energy sector.

Any cost differences could be easily handled with tax cuts, which would be easily paid for by the increase in domestic economic activity.

This would be Canadian Economic Patriotism, putting our industries and domestic economy first for once, rather than enriching a brutal foreign regime.

Send the Saudi’s a message

It’s a total disgrace that Canada does business with Saudi Arabia. We don’t need to suck up to their corrupt and brutally oppressive regime. If we built up our own oil industry and brought in a “Buy Canadian” plan, we could ignore Saudi Arabia completely. We would also send a message that could inspire different nations to get off their dependence on the Saudi’s.

The 21st century is filled with challenges, and the future is uncertain. That said, Canada can take steps to increase our security, strengthen our domestic economy, and show loyalty to our own workers and industries. Phasing out Saudi oil would be a big step in that direction.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter