DECLINE: Polls Show Trudeau Liberals Losing Support

Lying to Canadians has consequences

An analysis of numerous polls conducted by Eric Grenier of shows Liberal support falling to the lowest levels since the year 2015.

After their election win, the Trudeau Liberals support increased into the upper 40’s. Grenier’s analysis – which compiles multiple polls – showed the Liberals support stabilized around 46-47%.

However, those numbers have now fallen back dramatically, with Liberal support now measured at 40.5%, a decline of 6.8%.

Here are the poll numbers for the main parties, with the change from the previous quarter:

  • Liberals: 40.5 (-6.8)
  • Conservatives: 31.8 (+3.5)
  • NDP: 15.6 (+2.3)
  • Green: 5.4 (-0.1)
  • Bloc: 4.8 (+.04)

These numbers show a few important things.

First, almost half of Canadians were willing to give Justin Trudeau the benefit of the doubt. Many who didn’t vote for him expressed approval early on after he took power. He has now lost almost all of those supporters, having turned many Canadians against him with his endless lies and refusal to act in Canada’s best interests.

Second, the Conservatives still have much to do. They certainly have a strong base, but 31.8% is not enough to win an election. The numbers could change once a leader is chosen, but the Conservatives will have to bring Trudeau’s numbers down. They need to focus on exposing his hypocrisies and hold him accountable for serving the elites at the expense of the Canadian people. If the Conservatives can’t bring Trudeau down into the low 30’s, their path to power will remain blocked.

Third, the NDP is facing an existential threat, but could gain the most from a further Trudeau decline. They started the last campaign near 40%, now they are down to 15%. And that actually represents an increase for them, as they had fallen dangerously close to the 10% mark previously. If the NDP finished with 10% or 13% in an election, they would be almost fully wiped out. However, if they can start to erode Trudeau’s support from the left, they could bring themselves back into the mid 20’s, ensuring many seats and a possible return to relevance.

Some polls show an even worse decline for Trudeau

Grenier aggregates polls, and some of the polls used can be lagging indicators of the real numbers. A recent Campaign Research poll showed Trudeau’s approval ratings in the negative, with only 39% of Canadians approving and 46% disapproving. That same poll showed the Liberals and Conservatives tied at 34%. If those numbers are closer to the truth, the opportunity for both the Conservatives and NDP increases dramatically.

The honeymoon is over

There is no doubt now that Trudeau’s honeymoon is over. About 60% of Canadians are now firmly against him, and his numbers keep getting worse. Trudeau is paying the price for lying to Canadians, and his incompetence and elitist instincts are showing more and more.

Expect the decline to continue, but don’t take it for granted. Keep sharing the truth and spreading the word about Trudeau’s harmful agenda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Morgan Smith

Trudeau doesn’t have Canadians or Canada in his plan.He changes bills & takes away our rights so he can do as he pleases.He is more like a dictator,liar & traitor to Canada.he has done nothing for Canadians but raise taxes & give away the taxpayers money .he has converted so now he is showing preference to his new ideology & doesn’t care whether the Canadians like it or not.I would like to see him tried for treason whether he likes it or not.