INSANE: Trudeau Government Restoring Citizenship To Convicted Terrorist

Bill C-6 means Zakaria Amara – convicted of plotting a terror attack in Toronto – will have his citizenship reinstated.

The Trudeau government is taking stupidity to new heights. We can all agree that someone who holds dual citizenship, and then plots to brutally murder Canadians, should be stripped of their citizenship. It’s common sense. But as we’ve seen far too often, common sense isn’t too common when it comes to Justin Trudeau.

The Trudeau government has passed Bill C-6 in the House of Commons. The bill overturns a measure passed by the previous government, which stated that dual-citizens who were convicted of terrorism would have their citizenship revoked.

Supporting citizenship for terrorists has long been of Trudeau’s favorite causes, alongside praising Fidel Castro and expressing admiration for China’s “Basic Dictatorship.”

For the leader of a democratic nation, Justin Trudeau sure seems comfortable with those who hate democracy.

Many Senators want to amend Bill C-6, to maintain the ability to revoke the citizenship of terrorists. However, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has not expressed support for that idea, and seems likely to maintain C-6’s provisions restoring the citizenship of convicted terrorists.

Trudeau is systematically devaluing Canadian Citizenship

Justin Trudeau has openly admitted that he wants Canada to become the worlds first “Post-National State.” He serves a globalist ideology that wants to eliminate national independence, and push us all under the control of a vast international authority.

However, people naturally resist this. We feel a deep connection to our country, and we feel compelled to protect it. For most of us, citizenship means something. That meaning stands in the way of those who want to gain unaccountable power over us.

That’s why Trudeau is working to take the meaning away from Canadian citizenship. By giving citizenship back to someone who plotted to murder innocent Canadians in cold blood, Trudeau seeks to devalue citizenship, thus making his project for a “Post-National State” easier to force upon us.

The Oath of Citizenship

Further highlighting the insanity of Trudeau’s plan to restore citizenship to terrorists, is the fact that dual-citizens have taken the Oath of Citizenship. As Immigration Lawyer Julie Taub pointed out in the National Post, dual-citizens take an oath to uphold the laws of Canada. Plotting a terror attack on Canadians certainly violates that oath, so it makes perfect sense that citizenship would be stripped in that case.

Trudeau once again shows sympathy with those who oppose what it means to be Canadian

It’s very simple: Zakaria Amara should never get his citizenship back.

Trudeau’s insane Bill C-6 is yet another example of his strange sympathy for people who go against everything we believe in as Canadians. Dictators, terrorists, and oppressive regimes seem to be among Trudeau’s favorites, while the Canadian people get ignored.

That isn’t the real change many people thought they were voting for.

Canadians deserve far better than the dangerously misguided Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I have never felt more afraid for my life and for the lives of my family.
I guess many Canadians will seek refuge in the USA from JUSTIN MADNESS.
If anything happens to the general public, it will be on the head of Justin Trudeau, his liberal mps and most of the all the msm who kept this man’s insanity from the public without warning.


These utter morons have already made Ottawa a somali drug war zone.


SAD STATE !! – NO MORALS NEEDED TO QUALIFY !! – ( What about – “We stand on guard for thee”?????)

Willem Stolk

In the trash, together with common sense.

Christian Christian

The guy is serving life in prison. Making him Canadian gives Canada full control.

“Let’s be clear. Terrorists should go to jail for a long time,” he said, but they should do so in the Canadian justice system, and broadening criteria for revocation would set a “dangerous precedent.”

The Don

It looks to me that Justin Trudeau is a populist to the leftist vote. On the political spectrum he borders on Communism. Wake up Canada, he uses the graft system commonly known in French Canada to gain the lobbyists from corrupt investments. This is done at the detriment of the rest of Canadian citizens. We won’t benefit the Red Communist states will benefit. Everyone complains about the capitalist elite, little is known about what happens when the Communist elite have leverage. Guess it has been good for all too long, that Canadians don’t recognise when they’ve been blind sided. Canadians… Read more »

Marion Vermeersch

I do think they should use the criminal justice system we already have in place for real criminals: they could then receive whatever sentence and also revocation of citizenship through that system. Mixing it up with treatment of the rest of us is not fair: we usually cannot help it, or may not even know, if we hold or are entitled to a citizenship from someplace else. My father came as a Home Child to work on farms in Canada, did that for 15 years and then signed up to serve 6 years with the Canadian Artillery overseas in WWII,… Read more »


With all the stupid things Trudeau does, this is just another one showing he’s a kid doing a man’s job and doesn’t know what he’s doing.