Canada Must Protect Free Speech

As long as freedom of speech has existed, there have been those who want to suppress it.

Those efforts to take away free speech show up in different forms every time, but those forms are just a cover for the goal of controlling what others think and say.

We can see that happening today, as those who say they want to fight “offensive” speech push for more and more limits. Universities are increasingly becoming “safe spaces” which really means only one type of opinion is allowed, and all others are silenced and shouted down. “Safe spaces” have become dangerous for anyone not agreeing with the elitist consensus.

This is a big concern for Canada.

Many of those who pushed those “safe space” attitudes at universities are the same ones pushing those ideas in government. Whatever excuse someone hides behind, efforts to restrict speech are about exerting control over individual freedom, and making the government – and the politicians who run it – more powerful.

Inevitably, once we accept more limits on speech, those in power will push for even more limits, and then more, until there is almost no freedom left.

That’s why the line must be drawn early, and any efforts to suppress freedom of speech must be fought vigorously.

The ability to debate, disagree, question, and criticize all the ideas in our society is essential to Canada’s ability to adapt and grow. And that is not possible unless we are free to speak our minds.

There is no freedom without freedom of speech, and Canadians must stand up in defense of that fundamental truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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