Canadian Border Officers Union Says Illegal Crossings Higher Than Government Admits

Border compared to “Swiss Cheese”

As the Trudeau government adopts a head in the sand approach to the Canadian border, the Customs and Immigration Union – which represents Canadian border guards – has said they need more officers at the border to deal with the growing number of illegal border crossings.

They also say their officers are reporting that the actual number of border crossings are higher than the figures being shared by the government.

Speaking to CTV, the head of the union Jean-Pierre Fortin said “The frontline officers are actually the ones giving me the numbers and they’re slightly different. They’re higher right now.”

If true – and there’s no reason to doubt Canada’s border agents – it is deeply concerning that the government either doesn’t know the real figures, or is lying to the Canadian people.

It would certainly fit with the pattern of dishonesty from the Trudeau government.

To deal with the growing influx of people, Fortin says the government should create a 300 person team to cover the areas between official border crossings. He also wants to see border jobs re-instated that were cut under the past government.

Canadian Border Agents can’t even chase people

To get a sense of how bad the situation has become, consider that Canada’s border agents can’t even chase people trying to cross illegally.

Currently, the RCMP has to be called in, which creates a massive delay.

Says Fortin, “The RCMP doesn’t have the resources and what we’re asking the government at this point in time, we want to make sure that we should be closing that gap.”

The government has done little to help. They did give some money to Emerson to help the fire department deal with the costs of managing the inflow, but have so far ignored border agents requests for help. It’s almost as if the government is purposely encouraging illegal border crossings, rather than upholding respect for our laws and our border.

Canada should be welcoming, but on our terms

Canada is a very welcoming country, and that’s a good thing. However, that welcome must be on our terms. People need to follow the law, and our border must mean something. If even border agents are saying our border is like “Swiss cheese,” it’s obvious we have a big problem.

It’s time for the Canadian government to stop ignoring the problem, and start giving our border agents all the help and support they need to keep Canada safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter