Canadian Border Officers Union Says Illegal Crossings Higher Than Government Admits

Border compared to “Swiss Cheese”

As the Trudeau government adopts a head in the sand approach to the Canadian border, the Customs and Immigration Union – which represents Canadian border guards – has said they need more officers at the border to deal with the growing number of illegal border crossings.

They also say their officers are reporting that the actual number of border crossings are higher than the figures being shared by the government.

Speaking to CTV, the head of the union Jean-Pierre Fortin said “The frontline officers are actually the ones giving me the numbers and they’re slightly different. They’re higher right now.”

If true – and there’s no reason to doubt Canada’s border agents – it is deeply concerning that the government either doesn’t know the real figures, or is lying to the Canadian people.

It would certainly fit with the pattern of dishonesty from the Trudeau government.

To deal with the growing influx of people, Fortin says the government should create a 300 person team to cover the areas between official border crossings. He also wants to see border jobs re-instated that were cut under the past government.

Canadian Border Agents can’t even chase people

To get a sense of how bad the situation has become, consider that Canada’s border agents can’t even chase people trying to cross illegally.

Currently, the RCMP has to be called in, which creates a massive delay.

Says Fortin, “The RCMP doesn’t have the resources and what we’re asking the government at this point in time, we want to make sure that we should be closing that gap.”

The government has done little to help. They did give some money to Emerson to help the fire department deal with the costs of managing the inflow, but have so far ignored border agents requests for help. It’s almost as if the government is purposely encouraging illegal border crossings, rather than upholding respect for our laws and our border.

Canada should be welcoming, but on our terms

Canada is a very welcoming country, and that’s a good thing. However, that welcome must be on our terms. People need to follow the law, and our border must mean something. If even border agents are saying our border is like “Swiss cheese,” it’s obvious we have a big problem.

It’s time for the Canadian government to stop ignoring the problem, and start giving our border agents all the help and support they need to keep Canada safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Germany gets over a million refugees showing up on their doorstep and we get hundreds or maybe a thousand, and this is news? The number of refugees crossing the Canadian border is so low yet you journalists want to make a big deal out of it. #fakenews Fill me in when hit 100,000. These are people that have seen more violence, rape, murder, slavery in one day then you will see in a lifetime. Open your doors rather than scaring the Canadian public.


Since we Canadians are so nice and sheep like, I’d like to see a little fear and scaring. What possible benifit does Canada get from “refugees”? Your example of Germany is a good one. Germany has not benifted by it’s million plus illiterate and culturally alien young men. This is a big dea. Trudeau has invited in refuges just as Merkel did for Germany………….also, remember the difference in population between Germany and Canada. What is is……83 million vs 36 million? Personally, I’d like more legal immigration based on merit and benifit to Canada. Not possible harm.


These aren’t refugees, they are illegal immigrants. Refugees are fleeing from war torn countries……there is not a war in the US. How can anyone condone them crossing into the US illegally and now here. No one is saying that they can’t come here…..but there is a process, and ignoring that process is the problem.

Dan Hunt

Jeff, I would hope your not that stupid to not know the difference between REFUGEES and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Along with that, you do know how Germany is managing? Or do you just look at selective left wing media controlled by the rich globalists? Oh, and if you haven’t “opened YOUR doors” and took in some of these illegal immigrants then your a trolling hypocrite … are you a hypocrite?


Maybe if they didn’t commit those crimes, they wouldn’t see it as much. Whats your address, I’d like to point them in the right direction of your open door.


We all have to thank Justine,
For making a platform, for our NewComers…..

Michelle Urbanovitch

asylum is distress, if your fleeing your country and going to another and not liking that one and then going to another that is not asylum as asylum is the first country you land in is where you seek asylum. Taking a year to stay in the USA and then planning the trip across the Canadian Border is NOT asylum, it is premeditated and that is not asylum distress? Which makes you an illegal immigrant? Canada needs to wake up, its going to get worse by the hundreds of thousands, we will be swarmed, with illegal immigrants. Canada lets in… Read more »