Don’t Play By The Elitists Rules

In politics, whoever controls the context of a debate wins the debate. They set the rules of the game. For far too long, the elitists who control, and benefit from the power of government, have controlled the context of our political debate, and as a result, have entrenched their own power at our expense.

Consider how quickly Justin Trudeau has been able to expand both the cost, and size of the federal government. 4 years of a Conservative majority did not lead to long-term structural changes in the relationship between overtaxed citizens and a powerful and wasteful government.

We are once again heading down the path of higher taxes, more regulations, and more power in the hands of politicians, which will only get worse once the carbon tax is in place.

The key reason for this is that the context of our political debates is still controlled by those who benefit from a bigger government. High-level bureaucrats, well-connected big businesses, and the politicians who do their bidding, all have an interest in keeping the game going. The elites centered in our national capital have become wealthy and powerful, while many other cities, towns, and villages across our country struggle.

Those who want to change this broken status-quo must have courage, and the strength to speak out in favour of a very different vision. For decades, the elites have worked to successfully obscure the true nature of government, casting it as a force for good, rather than a system that is at best neutral, and at worst, takes our money and funnels it into the hands of a smaller and smaller number of people.

The underlying unfairness of excessive taxation is rarely ever discussed, and even those who say they want a more efficient government tend to be content just tinkering around the edges, maintaining the same status-quo rather than making substantial changes.

Essential functions such as a strong national defensive, efficient and effective services, and modern infrastructure have all eroded, while those at the top of the bureaucracy gain more wealth and power.

By controlling the context of the debate – where more government = good, and less government = bad, the elites make sure every debate centres around how much money is being spent, rather than whether the government should have taken that money in the first place.

As our economy becomes more complex, and as the amount of information we have at our fingertips continues to grow, the need for much of what government does is being reduced. And yet, the government just keeps on growing. An institution designed to administer services efficiently, protect our people from attack, and run the court system, has instead grown to massive proportions, and inserted itself into every aspect of our lives.

The only way to change this is to completely change the discussion around government. If that does not happen, the elites will just get more and more powerful. Look how easily Trudeau was able to undo much of what the previous government did. That’s the problem with “incrementalism”nearly a decade of work can be undone in months.

To change the context of the debate, we must be clear about what government actually is, because being honest about government means refusing to debate on the elitists terms.

The government creates nothing. It only takes. Thus, it has a solemn responsibility to take as little as possible, and seek to reduce its own power to the minimum amount needed to be effective. Government acts as a system to transfer wealth from adults who earn money, to another group of adults who spend money. The “spending” group does not have any special wisdom or ability, they have merely been chosen to temporarily run the machinery of the system.

That is the truth of government: It is a system that takes. That is where future debates must start, because that is the context that can force those in power to answer for their actions, rather than hide behind the myth of the benevolent state.

No broken system can be fixed unless the truth is spoken loud and clear. When we begin speaking the truth about government, that is when our country will start the process of being returned to the Canadian people. Until then, the elites will keep gaining power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter