Trudeau Government Scraps Diefenbaker Award

The Trudeau government appears to be playing politics with history, scrapping the Diefenbaker Award brought in by the previous administration.

The award named after the former Conservative Prime Minister was given out for the first time in 2011. However, since Trudeau took power, the award has seemingly been scrapped. It has not been given out in either 2015, or 2016.

The Diefenbaker Awards were given out to people recognized by Canada’s diplomatic offices, or the Foreign Minister, for supporting human rights.

While he made a massive mistake cancelling the Avro Arrow, Diefenbaker left a strong legacy in Canada which includes passing the Bill of Rights, and speaking out against apartheid in South Africa in the 1960’s, long before many other politicians had done so.

You would think that the Trudeau government would be willing to look past politics on this one, but it seems their partisanship continues to increase. Ending the award (or most likely renaming it at some point) is a petty move, and fits with the Trudeau pattern of acting in a way that further divides Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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