RED MENACE: Trudeau Liberals Getting Ready To Blame Russia As Their Support Falls

It’s interesting to see a political party so clearly telegraph their upcoming strategy, and it’s especially odd to see them be so brazen about it.

That’s why it’s surprising to watch the Liberals already “warning” Canadians that Russia will try to “destabilize” the Canadian political system.

The remarks were made by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, who said Canadians need to be “prepared” for it.


What exactly does that mean?

Here’s my take on it:

First of all, if this is truly a concern, then the next federal budget should include a huge funding boost for CSIS. Canada needs to invest more to counter cyber threats from around the world, and if there is truly a fear of “attacks” coming from Russia, then the government should take steps to protect our country.

But I don’t think there will be a big increase in CSIS funding. I don’t think the government is really worried at all.

Instead, they are using Russia as a political tool.

Never mind the fact that China is the country currently trying to buy our government off with shady cash-for-access fundraisers and buying Canadian companies that have sensitive national defense info. No, that seems just fine for the Trudeau government.

Their real worry is that Canadians are turning against them, and they need someone to blame other than their own failed ideas.

So, they turn to Russia. At a time when Russia is already the main topic of conversation in US politics, the Trudeau Liberals see a great chance to start pinning any future negative news stories or drop in public opinion on “Russian misinformation.”

They will claim that any story that doesn’t fit the government line is somehow “Russian propaganda,” and they will simply dismiss alternative voices and criticism of their actions.

It’s an old political game, and it’s yet another sign that Justin Trudeau and his government have no interest in the truth, and no interest in serving Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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alec bacon

The only red menace in canada is the liberal party

Brenda Kelemen-Tkachuk

Isn’t this the same trade minister who walked out of talks on the CETA and cried that she had worked so vewy, vewy hard? God help us.

GS Uddin

The Red Menace does exist. The Russians are pushing religious and racial bigotry in Canada to help destroy liberal western institutions and replace then with Christofascist and intolerant right wing ones like in Russia. They also create fake stores in Europe about migrant rape. They create fake stories about evil Hillary to embolden the illiterate to vote another moderate out. Russia is interfering and trying to turn Canada into a white supremacist and fascist homeland, like in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. Freeland is dead on. Stop being stupid or naïve! The Russian threat is real. If you don’t… Read more »

John Yaniuk

Liberals are doing EXACTLY what the Democrats in the US are doing. Blame Russia for everything because they need a scapegoat for their illegal activities and interests and all the while they are in China’s pocket $$$ .. Globalist PM. Watch… they’ll loose the election in 2019 & blame the Russians hacking things. Saul Alinsky tactics. 3 important Links here: