Trudeau Government Weakening National Security Oversight Committee

Committee is now nothing more than another fake Trudeau photo-op

In an effort to gain political credit for making a change, without anything really changing anything, the Trudeau government is making sure the national security oversight committee remains weak and toothless.

After the Liberals introduced legislation to form the new committee, members of the Public Safety Committee – made up of both government and opposition representatives – proposed substantial changes.

The changes would have given the committee the power to issue subpoena’s, and would have made it tougher for government ministers to withhold information from the committee.

But rather than listen to those recommendations, the Liberals are going to reject both.

This means the Trudeau government’s goal in creating the committee was simply to score political points. They don’t actually want more oversight, and they don’t want the committee to really have any power. They want credit for creating it, and that’s it.

Committee reports to Trudeau, anything public is vetted through government

Even worse, as reported in the Globe & Mail, the committee reports directly to the Prime Minister, and their public reports have to be approved by the government ahead of time.

So, if the committee finds a huge lapse by the government that endangers Canada’s national security, the government can simply delete that section from the public report.

Trudeau ignores his own MP

Remember, the proposed changes were initiated by an all party committee, meaning even some Liberal MP’s wanted stronger oversight. For example, Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith told the Globe & Mail “It makes good sense to me that this committee wouldn’t typically exercise such powers, but they’re there if they’re ever needed,” in regard to having subpoena power.

By rejecting the proposed changes, Trudeau is ignoring his own MP. And as I’ve said before, if he ignores the people in his own government, what makes anyone think he listens to anything the Canadian people have to say?

Another Trudeau deception

This is another bait and switch by Trudeau. It’s really the core approach of his government, present something nice and shiny to the public, and then do the real “work” behind the scenes.

The national security oversight committee is now nothing more than a useless prop, and it could even be used for the government to gain political cover for their mistakes.

It’s just another fake photo-op, totally empty on the inside.

Clearly Justin Trudeau and his inner circle no longer listen to even their own rhetoric, as the gap between their words and deeds grows wider by the day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter