Dangerous China “Free” Trade Deal: More Fake Trudeau “Consultations” On The Way

The Trudeau government says they are beginning “consultations” with Canadians on a possible free trade deal with China.

We’ve heard that before.

Remember those “consultations” on electoral reform? Canadians said they wanted a referendum, and the government ignored them and scrapped the whole thing.

There is no reason to believe anything the Trudeau government says, particularly when it comes to consultations.

And yet, the government is still pretending as if there’s a real process.

Strangely, the government says “human rights” and “cybersecurity” will be key areas of discussion.

That’s odd, since Trudeau ignored the advice of both CSIS and the Defence Department when he opened up ITF Technologies – a Canadian military tech company – to be bought by a Chinese Company.

Trudeau was warned that Canada’s military secrets and hacking defences could be compromised if China took control of ITF.

As was reported at the time, “If the technology is transferred, China would be able to domestically-produce advanced-military laser technology to Western standards sooner than would otherwise be the case, which diminishes Canadian and allied military advantages.”

Trudeau didn’t listen then, and we’re expected to think he’s going to listen now?

I don’t think so.

Trudeau has an unhealthy obsession with China and other dictatorships, and that’s bad news for the Canadian people

As we saw with his outrageously fawning statement on Fidel Castro’s death, his hear-no-evil-see-no-evil attitude towards radical Islamism, and his admiration for China’s “Basic Dictatorship,” Justin Trudeau has a disturbing affinity for regimes and ideologies that oppress their people.

Combine that with his willingness to push his own agenda regardless of opposition from the Canadian people, and we can see how any free trade deal with China could be a disaster. It could decimate whats left of our manufacturing base, and destroy our homegrown industries. International banks and well-connected politicians would benefit, while the rest of us would pay the price. Worse, China would demand a mechanism to impose court rulings upon our country, meaning we would be giving up much of our independence to a ruthless communist regime.

And in case anyone really thinks that Justin Trudeau would stand up for Canada’s interests, don’t forget his Cash-For-Access fundraisers with Chinese billionaires. After one of those fundraisers where he was “asked” to open up Canada’s healthcare system to China-run companies, he let a shady company with ties to China’s communist party elite buy BC’s biggest assisted living provider.

What a coincidence…

Trudeau can’t be trusted on free trade with China

Canada should not sign a free trade deal with China. Especially not with Justin Trudeau leading the effort, since he won’t care about selling us out.

We need to speak up against this deal, and demand that the government puts our own national interests first for once, rather than bow down for every dangerous globalist scheme that comes along.

WATCH: Death By China

The following documentary is long, but I encourage you to take the time to watch it when you can. Watch what increased trade with China has done to the United States, and then consider what could happen to us in Canada with a much smaller and more vulnerable economy. We’re about to be hit with a bunch of government propaganda on a possible “free” trade deal with China, so pushing back with the truth is essential to stopping Canada from going down a dangerous path.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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