What Is He Hiding? Trudeau Leaves Watchdog Positions Unfilled

It becomes more and more clear each day that Justin Trudeau has an agenda that doesn’t include doing what’s best for Canadians.

Sure, he gets some of the rhetoric, and he certainly crafted an effective image in the campaign, but Canadians are starting to see through his deceptive actions.

As his support falls, Trudeau is trying to avoid the accountability that is required of anyone given the honour of serving the public. He thinks he is above the rules.

The most recent example of Trudeau’s elitist entitled attitude was reported by Chantel Hébert in the Star (a paper rarely critical of Trudeau).

Hebert points out that Trudeau has left four of eight parliamentary watchdog positions unfilled. It’s worth noting the subheading of the article: “Four of eight positions are vacant with each job having a key role in the federal accountability system. By contrast, Stephen Harper filled the positions in a timely manner.”

Considering how Trudeau campaigned to be more accountable, this is an absolute disgrace on his part.

But it’s even worse than it sounds.

While four of eight watchdog spots are filled, all of them were filled when Harper was in power. That means Justin Trudeau has appointed a grand total of zero parliamentary watchdogs.

Shouldn’t this be a bigger story?

Imagine if Harper had left all the watchdog spots unfilled. He would have been shredded in the media.

Instead, aside from Hébert’s story and the article you’re reading right now, Trudeau has mostly gotten a free pass.

Clearly the establishment media doesn’t want to go after their fellow elitist in the PMO. That’s why it’s up to us grassroots Canadians to share the truth ourselves. Those in power can no longer be relied upon.

Trudeau’s scheme to avoid accountability is a big deal, especially considering the unfilled spots

Here are the current unfilled watchdog positions

  • Elections Canada: Over two months without a permanent leader.
  • Official Languages: Being run by interim replacement. Interesting coincidence that Trudeau is being investigated by Official Languages for failing to respond to a question in English during a Quebec town hall.
  • Conflict of Interest & Ethics Commissioner: Current head Mary Dawson had to promise she wouldn’t serve another after some started doubting whether she would be impartial in her investigation of Trudeau’s trips to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island. No replacement has been named.
  • Lobbying Commissioner: Current commissioner has said she is leaving and is currently on an extension. No replacement has been named.

Interesting to note that two of the unfilled spots are currently investigating Justin Trudeau. His failure to name replacements points to a deliberate attempt to weaken those investigations and hide from the Canadian people.

Writes Hébert, “The watchdogs are independent of the government. They report to Parliament. They hold key roles in the federal accountability system. No interim appointee can boast the influence and the leeway of a permanent one.”

Hébert goes on to note that Mary Ng was the individual in the PMO in charge of getting government appointments going. However, she was on a leave of absence so she could run for the Liberal nomination in the upcoming Markham-Thornhill by-election, a nomination she won. That means the position of the person filling unfilled watchdog positions was itself unfilled.

While that sounds like incompetence, it’s clearly more than that. Trudeau is trying to hide the truth from the Canadian people.

What is Trudeau hiding?

Trudeau’s calculated effort to weaken Canada’s independent parliamentary watchdogs shows he has something to hide. He thought that he could just take a bunch of selfies and distract the media from his real agenda behind the scenes. And while the elitist establishment media is often fooled, the Canadian  people are not. Every day, more and more Canadians are waking up to what is really happening under Trudeau’s “leadership.”

As he gets more and more worried, Trudeau is trying to gut the institutions that could hold him accountable. He clearly has something to hide.

That’s why it will be up to us to keep spreading the word within our networks, going around the establishment media and making sure the truth is known. The more that happens, the better chance there is to make sure Trudeau loses the next election, and we can put our government back in the hands of the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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