POLL: More Canadians Say NO To Illegal Border Crossings

Plurality reject asylum for those who cross illegally from the US

A new poll conducted by Forum Research shows more Canadians say no to granting asylum to illegal border crossers than say yes to letting them stay.

Overall, 44% say they should not be given asylum, while 36% say they should be given asylum. 20% say they do not know.

When it comes to those who entered the US as refugees and now want to claim refugee status in Canada, opinion is split.

44% say they should not be allowed in Canada, while 43% say they should be able to remain. 13% said they didn’t know.

Trudeau should listen to the voices of Canadians

Canadian citizens are generous, and we also have respect for our border and our laws. There are many people waiting in line legally, looking to enter our country the right way.

Being a welcoming country does not mean we just open our doors to everybody regardless of how they enter. You can have beautiful and welcoming home, but you still lock the doors at night.

The Trudeau government has acted as if Canadians are totally fine with our border being “Swiss Cheese” as some Border Agents put it. But the poll results show we are not fine with it.

It’s time for Trudeau to get his head out of the sand and put more resources at the border. We also need to start making clear that someone coming from the United States is not truly a refugee. They may have refugee status in the US, but America is already a free and democratic country. It makes no sense for someone to be considered a refugee from the US itself, and the Trudeau government should recognize that.

By letting those who skip ahead in line gain asylum, Trudeau is showing disrespect for all those who are following the rules, and he is showing a disregard for our laws.

Those who cross illegally from the US should be treated with kindness and respect, and then they should be returned to the US. Our border must have meaning, and our laws must be respected. That’s what Canadians want, and it’s time for the government to start listening.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter