GOING DOWN: Trudeau Has Lost 12% Points In Just 3 Months

Justin Trudeau’s poll numbers continue to fall.

According to a new Forum Research Poll, the Trudeau Liberals have lost 12% points in support since November of 2016.

The downward momentum is clear:

The November poll put the Liberals at 51%. A January poll put them at 42%. Now, they are at 39%.

The Conservatives are close behind at 35%.

It seems the more Canadians see Trudeau in office, the less we approve.

Bad trend for the Trudeau Liberals

Other polls have put Trudeau’s poll numbers around 34-35%. And while the polls vary, the overall trend shows them losing support over time.

After rising in the polls following the 2015 election, Trudeau’s scandals and failures have added up, and Canadians are turning against him.

Opposition must keep up the pressure

The Conservatives need to keep up the pressure on Trudeau. They need to hit him over and over on his scandals and betrayal of the Canadian people. There’s a long list to go after:

  • Selling out part of our healthcare system to a shady Chinese company connected to the Communist elite.
  • Cash-For-Access fundraisers with foreign billionaires.
  • Trip to billionaire’s private island in violation of ethics rules.
  • Campaigning against selling weapons to Saudi Arabia then selling them after taking power.
  • Pushing a job-destroying carbon tax.
  • Gutting the parliamentary watchdogs.
  • Continuing the underfunding of our military.
  • Failing our Veterans.
  • Wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money.
  • Crushing the next generation with debt.

That’s only ten, and the list could easily go on.

But the opposition needs to keep up the pressure. The establishment media won’t keep talking about Trudeau’s failures, and the elitists will try to help him more as the election gets near. The message must get out through social media and grassroots news, and the Conservatives must be relentless in keeping Trudeau on the defensive.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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