Justin Trudeau Is Betraying Young Canadians

Selfies Don’t Pay The Bills

Justin Trudeau has crafted an image of being a social media star. This has helped him appeal to many young people, and it’s been an effective vote-getter for him. But beyond all the selfies, the truth is that Justin Trudeau is betraying young Canadians.

The evidence of this betrayal is found in the government’s horribly wasteful and ineffective spending increases, adding to a debt that will be paid off by future generations.

A recent article in the Globe & Mail discusses the concerns of former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page, who runs the University of Ottawa’s Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy.

The institute has a new report out, and the details are concerning.

The first big area of concern is the massive $23 billion per-year “skills and innovation” budget. It turns out that there is almost no reporting on the results of that spending. That is insane. The government is shoveling $23 billion of taxpayer’s money out the door every year and not even measuring it.

Even worse is the continued deficit spending. The Trudeau government’s latest two-year plan increases government spending by a whopping 12%.

Think about that for a moment.

That means the government could have kept spending level and instead cut taxes by 12%, and would be running the same deficit. Imagine the economic benefit of Canadians having so much more money in their pockets? That economic benefit would have grown the economy and reduced the deficit.

But that’s not what we’re getting.

Instead, we get Trudeau’s massive spending plans that aren’t even boosting the economy. Our money is being wasted by our government, and there’s no benefit from it.

Young Canadians will pay the price for Trudeau’s failed spending programs

The institute is raising the alarm. “The magnitude of the government’s two-year program spending increase is unprecedented in modern times. Canadians should be concerned about ongoing deficit-financed activities. If interest rates increase or economic growth further weakens relative to planning assumptions, young people will be paying dearly for today’s deficit-financed activities.”

Young people will foot the bill for Trudeau’s failures.

147 government skills and innovation programs apparently not enough for Trudeau

According to the Globe, the Canadian government already operates “147 programs and tax credits” in the skills and innovation field. But that’s apparently not enough. The finance minister says skills and innovation will be a big focus of the new budget, which is government-speak for more spending and more new programs.

Here’s a radical idea: Why doesn’t the government try effectively spending the money it already has instead of wasting even more on additional programs?

Trudeau’s Betrayal of Young Canadians

All of this adds up to one conclusion: Justin Trudeau is betraying young Canadians. He is spending more of our money, taking more of our money, and failing to get results.

That will leave young Canadians with a weaker economy, more personal debt, more national debt, higher taxes, and failing services.

In short, because of Justin Trudeau’s actions, young Canadians could end up poorer and struggling just to get by.

That’s not the future we want for Canada. Our country, and our young people have too much potential to let Justin Trudeau’s incompetence and obsession with government power get in the way of the prosperity that should be ours.

Canada needs leadership that respects future generations, and builds a country that will empower them, rather than using government to control them.

No amount of selfies can make up for a future of crushing debt and economic decline.

That’s yet another reason Justin Trudeau must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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