Trudeau Focuses On Islamophobia To Delegitimize Real Concerns

Canadians have legitimate concerns about extremism, but instead of listening, Trudeau is trying to silence their voices.

In a speech at the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau said, “Canada has a problem with Islamophobia,” and implied that he is glad motion M-103 makes some Canadians “uncomfortable.”

Ironically, as Trudeau tries to cast those who oppose M-103 as divisive, Trudeau himself is dividing Canadians for his own political gain.

Trudeau is approaching the issue in a divide-and-conquer, black-and-white manner, rather than seeing the detail and nuance that exists in the minds of Canadians.

Trudeau is purposely linking those with legitimate concerns about extremist Islamism with those who are anti-Muslim. However, those are two very different things.

It is entirely possible to believe that law-abiding Muslim citizens should have all their rights protected, while also being concerned about those who want to push an extremist agenda that goes against Canada’s values and principles.

Trudeau either doesn’t understand this, or is keeping himself purposely ignorant of it.

Trudeau’s dangerous and divisive agenda

What Trudeau is doing is incredibly dangerous. He is demonizing Canadians with legitimate concerns about extremism, and he is trying to make it impossible to confront that extremism.

Trudeau’s strategy is becoming clear: He is trying to make anyone who criticizes Islam seem like the criminal who committed the heinous attack on a mosque in Quebec City. By lumping criticism and violence together under the blanket term “Islamophobia,” Trudeau is trying to silence dissent and criticism.

This is a big risk to Canada

If we are really a free country, we must be free to criticize all ideas and all religions. No religion should get a free pass. No ideology should get a free pass. And no politician should get a free pass. Freedom of speech and freedom of thought is essential to a free society. If we lose those things, if we let politicians decide what ideas are and are not acceptable, we will lose our freedom.

Violence must be condemned. We all agree on this. The man who killed innocent Canadian citizens at the Quebec City Mosque should be punished severely. He should be locked up for life.

That said, it is disgusting for the Prime Minister to try and subtly link that criminal’s horrible actions to the millions of Canadians who have real and legitimate concerns about radical Islamism.

Some fears are justified

Trudeau is purposely ignoring the fact that some fears are justified. Canadians are looking at the world, and common sense dictates that we feel concern at what we see:

  • Canadians are looking at what is happening in Germany with the rise of sexual assaults.
  • Canadians are looking at France, where the rise of terrorism, the “No Go Zones” where women are harassed and police are afraid to travel, and the exodus of Jewish citizens who are being subjected to a massive increase in anti-Semitism, is changing that country for the worse.
  • Canadians are looking at the horrific treatment of women, lgbt people, and religious minorities in almost all the Middle-East.
  • Canadians are looking at the brutal and savage actions of ISIS.

Canadians look at all those things and have completely justified concerns about radical Islamism.

Canadians value our freedom. We believe men and women should be equal under the law. Whatever our personal religious views may be, we believe the rights and security of lgbt people should be protected. And we believe in religious freedom, letting people worship in their own way, or not at all.

This is directly opposed to what life is like in much of the Middle East. Individual freedom, human rights, and human dignity are basically non-existent concepts in those countries.

Canadians don’t want to see that happen here.

Trudeau’s divisive tactics hurt Muslim reformers

By trying to silence discussion and debate, Justin Trudeau is hurting many Muslims. There are brave reformers in the Muslim world who are trying to confront the anti-women, anti-lgbt, and anti-religious freedom ideology that is in power in most of the Middle East. As well, there are Muslims who came to Canada explicitly to escape from the oppressive environment of the Mid-East. They came to the True North Strong and Free because they wanted freedom, not so they would be silenced if they criticized sharia law or extremism.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau is deliberately making it more difficult for those brave voices of reform to get their message out. All religions have debate and discussion. Even within the same faith, there can be huge differences of opinion. The same is true in Islam (though reformers often risk death). But Justin Trudeau isn’t leaving room for that discussion. He is trying to silence it, and make any criticism of Islam – even justified criticism – get labelled as “Islamophobia.”

Trudeau is dividing Canadians for his selfish political gain

Leaders are right to condemn anti-Muslim violence. All Canadians must be safe and free from attack. But Trudeau never acknowledges the legitimate fears of extremism that millions of Canadians have. He never acknowledges the horrendous oppression faced by hundreds of millions of women and religious minorities in many Muslim countries. He never acknowledges that the threat of terrorism is growing.

Instead, he plays political games, seeking electoral advantage by dividing Canadians against one another. Those are not the actions of a leader, they are the actions of a demagogue.

Trudeau is blinding us to real threats, and he is denigrating Canadians who disagree with him.

The facts are now clear: Justin Trudeau is hurting Canadians, and he is hurting brave reformers within the Muslim world. It is more evidence that he cannot be trusted to look out for the best interests of our country, and will not stand up for freedom and truth.

This is something that should deeply concern all Canadian citizens.

Our country deserves better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter