Cowardly Trudeau Is Only A Feminist In His Safe Spaces

Justin Trudeau likes saying things for votes. Remember those “small and temporary” budget deficits? How about “standing up for the middle class?” Or “helping our veterans?”

His words in those instances, and many more, turned out to be empty.

The same is true of Trudeau’s claim to be a feminist.

Trudeau says this because it’s considered the popular thing to say these days, but he doesn’t back it up with any substance. Even worse, he remains silent on the most egregious attacks on women in the world today.

When it comes to supporting the equal rights of women, Trudeau’s approach is self-serving, and cowardly.

Take a moment and consider where Trudeau proclaims he is a feminist.

He said it when surrounded by celebrities.

He said it at a UN Conference.

He said it at the elitist World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

He said it at international galas and politically-correct events.

That’s all nice and good, but those are all very safe spaces to call yourself a feminist.

But when it comes to uncomfortable situations, and living up to his image, Trudeau fails miserably.

Trudeau was against calling honour killings and female genital mutilation barbaric

When the previous government called honour killings, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation (FGM) barbaric, Trudeau attacked the government. As with his attitude towards Saudi Arabia, China, and Cuba, his first instinct is to defend oppressive regimes.

Instead of simply condemning those barbaric acts outright, Trudeau said the government should “attempt at responsible neutrality.”

Trudeau had also criticized the use of the word “Barbaric” way back in 2009.

Only after a massive public backlash did Trudeau retract his words and “apologize.”

However, despite backpedalling, Trudeau clearly showed what his initial instincts were. He was more worried about pushing political correctness than he was with addressing the terrible actions being perpetrated against women.

Interestingly, Trudeau wasn’t calling himself a feminist back then. Perhaps because he wasn’t worried about an election at the time.

It is totally absurd to think that anyone wouldn’t call honour killings, forced marriages, and FGM barbaric, and yet, Trudeau managed to do exactly that. That alone should destroy any credibility he could have as a feminist.

Honour killings and female genital mutilation are among the most anti-women, and certainly anti-feminist acts imaginable, and they are happening here in Canada.

The stories are deeply disturbing:

  • Aqsa Parvez, a 16-year-old girl whose parents were from Pakistan, was killed by her father and brother. Their “reason?” She wanted to wear western style clothes and start working like her friends.
  • A woman in Montreal was accused of an “honour crime,” when she stabbed her 19-year-old daughter for staying out all night.
  • Of course, there’s also the case of Muhammed Shafia, Tooba Muhammad Yahya, and Hamed Shafia, who murdered Shafia’s first wife along with their three daughters in cold blood.

Sadly, there are many more stories like those ones.

Trudeau apparently doesn’t consider those horrible crimes to rise to the level of barbarity.

Female Genital Mutilation is also an issue in Canada. Its been reported that some people who immigrate to Canada from countries where FGM is practiced will actually take their daughters back to those countries to have the “procedure” done, and then return to Canada.

That is horrible.

France has had the same problem, and in response they passed laws making it illegal for families to take daughters born in France outside the country to be mutilated. Canada should do the same.

And before anyone says that FGM is not a problem, consider what even the super politically correct Ontario human rights commission says.

“For some time now, Canada has experienced immigrant and refugee movements from countries in which FGM is commonly practised. In Toronto, community groups have estimated that there are 70,000 immigrants and refugees from Somalia and 10,000 from Nigeria, countries in which FGM is commonly practised. As already noted, because of the nature of FGM, reliable statistics on the incidence of its practice are not available. However, based on discussions with members of the communities that are at risk, there is some evidence to indicate that FGM is practised in Ontario and across Canada. There is also evidence that suggests that in some cases, families from those communities send their daughters out of Canada to have the operation performed.”

The report goes on:

“There is a growing recognition of FGM as a violation of human rights. Immigrant and refugee movements, governments and advocacy organizations in Canada have acknowledged the need to deal with FGM as an internationally recognized health and human rights concern.”

Trudeau remains silent on horrible crimes against women

This is deeply disturbing. FGM and Honour Killings have no place in Canada. And yet, how many times have you heard our “Feminist” Prime Minister bring them up?

And how was Trudeau acting as a “feminist” when he approved the sale of billions of dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia – possibly the most anti-women government on the face of the Earth. Funny how Trudeau’s feminist principles seemed to totally abandon him in that moment.

When has he used his reach on social media or his national platform to speak out against countries like Saudi Arabia, or speak out against the barbaric acts of abuse against women happening right here in our own country?

This is why Trudeau’s claims of feminism are self-serving and cowardly. He isn’t willing to stand up for the equality of women when it’s uncomfortable, or controversial, or difficult. He isn’t willing to question where there are those in our country who think it’s acceptable kill and maim women. He doesn’t want people to even think about.

Instead of strengthening law enforcement, and providing more funding to support Canadian women trying to escape from those oppressive and barbaric practices, Trudeau keeps giving billions of dollars away to other countries. It’s a disgrace.

Instead of taking real action, Trudeau just talks to celebrities and international government and corporate elites, throws out a few trendy buzzwords, and then moves on. He talks a big game in “safe spaces” with friendly audiences, but never confronts those who hold medieval views on women and want to impose that here in Canada.

It’s a smart political strategy, but it’s a deceptive and cruel betrayal of the vast majority of Canadians who believe in the equality of men and women.

Words mean nothing to Justin Trudeau. That’s why it will take people with real courage and real convictions to speak up for what is right and put an end to the barbaric acts still being committed against women right here in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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