LEGALIZED CORRUPTION: BC Must Ban Foreign Political Donations

There are many different forms of corruption, but they can generally be divided into two different forms.

There’s illegal corruption, where government officials are bribed behind the scenes to give special favours.

Then, there’s legal corruption, where a system has been set up in such a way as to make bribery completely legal.

Legalized corruption is now entrenched in British Columbia.

BC is one of the few places in Canada where foreign interests can make political donations. As has been reported many times before, the BC Liberal Party accepts donations from massive Chinese banks and investment companies, European pharmaceutical providers, and international oil companies.

It just so happens that those same companies are also lobbying for government policy that will benefit their bottom line. But these companies’ interests are not Canadian interests. Does anyone think Chinese investment companies – many connected to the Chinese Communist Party – are trying to do what is good for Canada?

I don’t think so.

This is very different than lobbying. Lobbying has serious flaws, but it happens within a reasonable system. People know who the lobbyists are, and they must make their case at least somewhat on the merits – rather than just throwing stacks of cash on the table.

But foreign donations are another thing entirely. They let foreign interests move way beyond lobbying, and gain much more leverage to “encourage” government officials to do their bidding.

This is totally unacceptable.

We cannot allow a government in our country to be beholden to foreign interests.

Even without foreign donations, governments can become corrupted. Justin Trudeau’s cash-for-access fundraisers – particularly with billionaires from China – has raised growing doubts about whether he serves the Canadian people or foreign interests.

BC’s system takes that a step further. Foreign interests don’t even have to lobby, they just give tons of money instead.

The BC government must serve the interests of BC residents and Canadian citizens. The BC Liberals were not elected by voters in Europe, or China, or anywhere else. They were elected by Canadian citizens living in BC. That is who they must serve.

That won’t happen until BC bans foreign donations. Until then, the incentive for those in power will be to continue seeking foreign money – and the government of BC will continue to serve people who don’t even live in the province.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter