POLL: Canadians Want Voting System Kept The Same

A new poll shows more Canadians want the electoral system kept the same, while a smaller number support changes.

According to Forum Research, 45% of Canadians want to the maintain the First-Past-The-Post system, as opposed to 38% who want it changed. 17% were unsure.

British Columbia is the only province where more people want the system changed than want it to stay the same. A 44% plurality of BC respondents support changes.

Support for maintaining the current system is highest in Alberta, where a 53% majority favours leaving things as they are.

A plurality of respondents on the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada all favoured the current system.

Referendum should have been held

The Trudeau government badly mishandled the issue of electoral reform. They won many votes on their promise to change the system, then shut it all down once they realized their preferred option (ranked ballot – which would have benefited the Liberals big time), wasn’t what people wanted.

It exposed Trudeau’s dishonesty, and his lack of trust in the will of the Canadian people. He was caught trying to rig the system to his benefit. He should have put it to a referendum, so Canadians could have a direct say in such a big potential change.

Absent a referendum, keeping the current system is the best alternative. And given these latest poll numbers, it looks like it won’t be changing anytime soon.

Spencer Fernando

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Personally I do not care what the percentages are today with respect to Electoral Reform. The issue for me is that our PM won many votes based on his promise to implement Electoral Reform. He lied. We need a referendum on this campaign promise. Lie to me once and there is no second chance. Once again my faith in humanity is crushed. I truly believed him. Now I have no respect for him, and I will not vote for him in the next election.