German Police Close Mall Over Terror Attack Fears

A mall in the western German city of Essen was shut down by police after warnings of a possible terrorist attack.

Speaking to Reuters, a spokesman for the Essen police said “Yesterday, we received very serious indications from security sources that a possible attack was planned here for today and would be carried out. That is why we were forced to take these measures.”

Germany is already on an elevated alert level after Islamist terror attacks in other parts of Europe, particularly France and Belgium. Since German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door policy was implemented, terrorism has increased in Germany.

The mall in question is the Limbecker Platz, and is one of the largest in all of Germany. Heavily armed police officers and police vehicles were surrounding the area.

Police have searched an apartment, and say the owner is being questioned. Police have detained another man for questioning in relation to the threat.

WATCH: Video Report on German Mall Terror Threat

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter