INDEPENDENCE: Brexit To Begin As Early As Tuesday

The UK will activate Article 50 and begin the process of leaving the EU as early as Tuesday, according to reports.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will address the UK House of Commons on Tuesday, and may invoke article 50 that same day. Officials say it will certainly happen by the end of the week.

Before Article 50 is activated, May will need the parliament to grant her that authority. With both houses controlled by the Conservatives, May should have no trouble winning the vote.

Two years of negotiations

Considering the size of the European Union Bureaucracy, it comes as no surprise that Brexit will not be a quick process. Two years of negotiations will follow. Many think the EU will try to make the negotiations as difficult as possible, to try to discourage other countries from leaving.

Globalism on the defensive

Fear is all the EU has left to convince people of its merits. As people around the world wake up to the consequences of globalism, and turn against leaders who serve the elites rather than their own people, institutions like the EU will face increasing pressure.

The EU has weakened many nations, depriving them of control over their monetary policy and national borders. Economic stagnation, political instability, and a huge increase in terrorism has followed.

Yet, despite the ongoing failure of the EU, the globalists remain committed to expanding its controlling ideology even further.

New International trade deals include provisions that let foreign courts and foreign corporations override national laws. They move us towards a “post national” world, where massive global power structures take over for national governments. National identity and economic independence gets replaced by bureaucracy and a more centralized economy.

Thankfully, that’s not the future most people want for themselves or their country. The accumulated weight of elitist propaganda is starting to fade away, and more and more people are choosing to retake their nations.

When the UK activates Article 50, it will be a good moment for all who believe in individual liberty and the right of nations to choose their own destiny.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter