Real Change: China’s Military Machine Getting More Advanced

While much of the elitist establishment media is distracted by other issues, China is rapidly building a more advanced military machine, in an effort that could decisively shift the balance of power in our world.

Of course, this doesn’t seem to bother the globalists who have helped China achieve massive economic expansion – often at the expense of workers in the western world – Canadian workers included.

At a speech to military delegates at the annual Communist Party meetings, China’s President Xi Jingping emphasised a massive program to modernize China’s military.

Among the changes being pursued are anti-satellite missiles (which could severely damage US military communications), stealth jets, and more advanced submarines.

China is playing for keeps

While the Trudeau government has their head in the sand when it comes to China, much of the rest of the world is waking up to the importance of countering the authoritarian regime. Japan has unveiled massive defence spending increases. Some European countries are increasing military spending. And the new US administration is planning a huge military build up.


It comes as no surprise that Trudeau has not yet to commit to any substantial increase in military spending. In fact, we may not even get 5th generation fighters until 2030 or later.

Funny how we always find billions for new bureaucrats and billions more to send to other countries, but somehow our armed forces are always neglected.

Our government is under the false impression that China is a close friend, and that getting closer to them is somehow a wise move. The fact that China’s neighbours are so way of their military expansion should be a warning to us – a warning we must not ignore.

Canada has the technology and the capacity to have a much stronger military. In an unstable world, we must invest in our national defence, especially when undemocratic nations seek to expand their military power.

We cannot afford to be naïve or complacent. Our government must wake up to China’s growing military machine, and make sure that Canada operates in the world from a position of strength, not just hoping for the best while remaining at the mercy of other nations who don’t have our best interests at heart.

Spencer Fernando