SOCIALIST PARADISE: Millions Trying To Flee Venezuela As Nation Collapses

If socialism is so great, why does everyone want to leave?

As Venezuela’s socialist experiment comes to its awful – and inevitable – conclusion, millions of people are trying to flee the country.

Unfortunately for those trying to escape the results of socialism, there’s yet another shortage on top of the lack of food, water, toilet paper, medicine, and countless other essentials:

There’s a shortage of passports.

Things are so bad in Venezuela that there aren’t enough passport “materials,” according to the government. That means the government can’t even afford the paper to meet the surging demand for exit documents.

The government tried offering a website where people could get expedited passports for double the price.

It crashed due to overwhelming demand.

Central planning fails again

The obsession with central planning is an idea that somehow refuses to go away. Despite it’s horrendous failure literally every time it is tried, there is always an endless stream of stupid politicians who think they can manage complex economies better than millions of people making their own choices.

The failure of Venezuela’s full-blown socialist experiment somehow hasn’t stopped politicians in other parts of the world from moving in that direction. Many ignorant leaders are trying to impose higher taxes, higher fees, and more regulations, all of which concentrates wealth in the hands of government and increases the centralization of economic activity.

Those in power need to see what is happening in Venezuela, and they need to understand it. A country with massive oil reserves is on the brink of total collapse and anarchy, all because the government tried to take all the power instead of letting the Venezuelan people chart their own economic destinies.

Voting with their feet

Passports are the only growth industry in Venezuela.

In the last 18 years – since the Socialists took power – around 2 million people have fled Venezuela. That’s a big deal. As stated by Bloomberg, “That may not seem to be much when compared to nations like Colombia or Mexico, but Venezuelans, it should be noted, were never migrants on any kind of meaningful scale prior to Chavez’s ascension in 1999.”

Last year alone, 1.8 million passport requests were made. Only 300,000 passports were granted. And those are just the official figures from a government that lies constantly. The opposition puts the real number of passport requests closer to 3 million.

This is what happens in socialist regimes. People vote with their feet and they try to get the hell out of town.

It’s no coincidence that socialist countries have to build walls (metaphorical or real) to keep people in, while free market countries have to build walls to keep people out.

While the corrupt socialist regime remains in power, the people of Venezuela are making it clear that they want out.

It should be a warning sign to Canada that despite our tremendous natural resource wealth, we could lose all that we have if our government becomes too powerful and too centralized. That is the path to disaster, and to avoid it, we must empower individuals and trust in our citizens to make their own choices.

There is a reason that every “Socialist Paradise” ends up as a hell. Human beings are not meant to be ruled. We are not meant to be controlled. We are meant to be free. Every nation that ignores that fundamental truth will pay the price, just as Venezuela is now learning the hard way.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter