BIGOTRY: Why Is Justin Trudeau So Canadaphobic?

The Definition of Bigotry: ‘Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself’

Justin Trudeau is playing a dangerous game.

He has been accusing his fellow Canadians of being bigots, slapping the “Islamophobic” label on anyone who doesn’t support his head-in-the-sand approach to extremism, despite the fact that a majority of Canadians disagree with his approach.

That is not how a leader is supposed to act. A leader is supposed to bring the citizens of our nation together, not tear us apart. Instead of listening to the legitimate concerns of his fellow Canadians, Trudeau has instead gone down the path of demonizing people. That is a dangerous approach, because it turns Canadians against each other – all for Trudeau’s selfish political gain.

However, if Trudeau wants to play the game of smearing people who have a different view than him, he should realize that two can play at that game.

After all, Trudeau seems to have many fears about Canada, and that inspires us to ask the following question:

Why is Justin Trudeau so Canadaphobic?

Justin Trudeau has shown himself to be irrationally afraid of Canada’s core identity and core principles.

Here are a few examples:

  • Trudeau is afraid of being held accountable by the Canadian political system – so he has gutted the power of the parliamentary watchdogs.
  • Trudeau is afraid of the elected opposition members – so he’s taking away much of their speaking time in parliament.
  • Trudeau is afraid of Canadians being financially independent and not reliant on government – so he’s raising fees and taxes.
  • Trudeau is afraid of our energy industry growing too much on the world stage – so he’s bringing in a new carbon tax.
  • Trudeau is afraid of our democratic political system – so he expresses admiration for communist China and Fidel Castro instead.
  • Trudeau is afraid of our nation being strong and free and self-reliant – so he is keeping our military underfunded.
  • Trudeau is afraid of standing up for the Canadian values of the equality of men and women, religious freedom, and individual liberty – so instead he attacks anyone who calls horrendous practices like FGM and honour killings “barbaric.”
  • Trudeau is afraid of freedom of speech and listening to the Canadian people – so he expresses that fear by trying to demonize Canadians who disagree with him.
  • Trudeau is afraid of making any tough budget decisions – so he will force young Canadians to pay the price for his debt and deficits for decades to come.

All those actions go against the best character of our country. They hurt the Canadian people, and they are anti-Canadian in substance. There are more examples, but the above list is more than enough evidence that Justin Trudeau is irrationally and deeply afraid (phobic) of Canada, Canadians, and the core values of our country.

It’s clear that the way Trudeau demonizes Canadians is a very bigoted stance on his part.

His bigotry toward Canadians, and his intolerance for Canada’s core values are a clear manifestation of Canadaphobia, which is incredibly disturbing in anyone leading our country.

Justin Trudeau must immediately apologize for his Canadaphobic stance, and start showing respect for the diversity of opinion that exists in our country.

Canada deserves leadership, not bigotry toward those with different viewpoints.

Spencer Fernando