Despite “Mysterious” Increase, Canada’s Military Remains Badly Underfunded

Canadian Military still starved of funding, despite Liberal government’s cynical attempts to claim otherwise.

As reported by CP, there has been a “mysterious” increase in spending on the Canadian Military. The Liberals are using this to claim that Canada is increasing military investment, just as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO is working to get military spending among alliance members to increase to 2.0% of GDP.

Here’s the question: What the hell is a “mysterious” increase in military spending?

“Mysterious” sounds more like incompetence or trickery to me. If the government is really spending money without knowing it than Canada is in even more trouble than it seems. Of course, after the revelations that $2.5 billion infrastructure money was “unaccounted” for, nothing is surprising now.

While the Trudeau government is taking credit for increasing the percent of our military budget spent on equipment from 13% in 2015 to 18% in 2016, defence officials can’t explain where that jump in equipment spending came from.

Quite odd.

David Perry – a Defence analyst for the Canadian Global Affairs Institute was reportedly “mystified” by the reported increase.

Why would he be mystified?

Because, the government apparently “delayed” $3.7 billion in planned equipment spending in 2016.

It doesn’t add up.

So, I won’t be surprised if a few months from now we find out that the “increase” was just an accounting error, which just so happened to coincide with increased NATO pressure to increase spending.

How convenient…

The government is putting Canada at risk

Even if the increase wasn’t fake, Canada’s military spending as a percentage of GDP would only have gone from .98% to 1.02%.

That’s not even close to enough.

Canada still ranks only 20th out of 28 NATO countries in military spending as a percentage of GDP.

As much as NATO is complaining, I don’t think we should increase our military spending just because NATO says so. We should increase our military spending because it will help keep Canadians safe.

We live in a dangerous and unstable world, and leaving ourselves at the mercy of other powers – which is what we are doing by underfunding our military – is too much of a risk.

Our government seems to be deliberately keeping Canada weak, operating on “hope for the best” national defence strategy.

History shows that war and violence can erupt far faster than anyone predicts. The only way to be prepared is to have a strong, well-equipped military.

Canada needs a larger, and more advanced military to ensure our security and self-reliance. Our government must make that a priority with real investments, rather than playing shell games to create false impressions.

Spencer Fernando