POLL: 74% of Canadians Support Canadian Values Test

A new poll conducted by CROP shows an overwhelming majority of Canadians support testing prospective immigrants for Canadian Values.

When asked, 74% of Canadians supported that idea.

The poll is yet another sign that Canada’s political and media elites – who generally say anyone supporting any sort of values test is a racist – has become completely out of touch with the Canadian people.

Multiculturalism in doubt

The CROP poll also shows 60% of Canadians believe new Canadians should “put aside their own cultures and adopt that of Canada once they settle here.”

This is a very interesting point. Many members of the elite – most notably Justin Trudeau – have an agenda to destroy national identity and eliminate any common Canadian culture. Trudeau has openly stated that he wants Canada to become the world’s first “Post-National State.”

While the elite will attempt to interpret these results in a manipulative way, we must see past the tricks they like to use.

For example, they ignore the difference between celebrating history and embracing a common culture.

Canadians can celebrate the history of our ancestors from different parts of the world while still supporting the Canadian culture of free expression, individual liberty, the equality of men and women, and religious freedom.

There’s a huge difference between celebrating a cultural festival versus trying to import honour killings.

The elite also merges the idea of multiculturalism with racial diversity. However, those are very different things. A country can have a common cultural base while being racially diverse. Of course, the elite doesn’t want people to talk about that, since it makes it tougher to mindlessly attack patriotic Canadians as “racists.”

There’s also the sneaky effort to cast any criticism of insane political correctness as “racism.” For example, someone who express concerns about radical Islamism will often be slammed as a racist, even though Islam is not a race. The reason for the tactic is that most people are terrified of being called a racist, so the elite uses it to silence free debate and discussion before it can even start.

Majority reject ban on Muslim immigration

Getting back to the poll, the results show that 23% of Canadians support a ban on Muslim immigration into Canada, which includes 33% of Quebec residents supporting that idea.

A clear majority of Canadians reject a ban.

Does Trudeau think the majority of Canadians are bigots?

In a recent speech, Justin Trudeau attacked anyone opposed to motion M-103 as “Islamophobic” bigots. That is what Trudeau does to anyone who even so much as mentions the danger of extremism in Canada.

Ironically, Trudeau’s actions hurt reformers in the Muslim community, and could feed into more negative sentiment toward Muslims. The more Trudeau silences open discussion and debate, the less support reformers within the Muslim community will have if they speak out against hate. Trudeau’s actions will empower the most extremist voices by silencing opposition towards them.

If Trudeau wants to keep calling anyone with legitimate concerns a bigot, he’s going to be insulting over half the country.

The CROP poll shows 51% of Canadians “feel the presence of Muslims in this country made them somewhat or very worried about security.”

Clearly, as much as Trudeau may be ignoring what is happening in Europe, Canadians are paying attention. Is common sense now somehow bigoted?

Elites are brutally out-of-touch

The elites in the establishment media and politics are totally out of touch with the Canadian people. We are a welcoming country, but we are also a common-sense country. We want to live in safety, and we expect that those who come to join the Canadian family will respect and embrace the culture of freedom we are determined to maintain.

That is not too much to ask. If the elites can’t understand that, it’s time for them to go.

Spencer Fernando