FAIL: Launch Of Saudi Arabia Girls Council Has No Girls

Saudi Arabia launched their first girls council, but the announcement was missing something: Girls.

The Qassim Girls Council launch event featured 13 men on stage, and not a single woman could be seen.

According to the Saudi government, the women were “in another room.”

I’m sure they were…

This is obviously a PR stunt gone wrong. Saudi Arabia treats women worse than almost any country. In the oppressive state women are not allowed to drive, can’t leave home without a man, and can be punished for being raped – even receiving lashes in public squares.

And yet, our cowardly leaders refuse to condemn Saudi Arabia and suck up to them instead. They”ll probably release some pathetic statement saying Saudi Arabia is “trying.”

If Saudi Arabia wants to get credit for improving women’s rights, they can start by repealing their oppressive laws. They can also stop funding the spread of Wahhabism, a violent form of Islam that causes death and terror worldwide while advocating for the oppression of women.

Saudi Arabia Girls Council

Until then, everything else is just noise.

It’s good that Saudi Arabia’s photo-op went badly, because it means the world can see the true hypocrisy of their awful regime.

BTW – this is another good opportunity to consider why Canada should ban Saudi oil.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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