PATRIOTISM vs GLOBALISM: New Thinking Needed To Defeat Trudeau

Two Polls Show Need To Reshape The Political Spectrum

Justin Trudeau has been falling in the polls for some time. The accumulation of lies, ethical failures, and an out-of-touch attitude were taking their toll.

But in today’s media environment trends can change quickly. One or two weeks of more positive news coverage can quickly shift perceptions. Trudeau also has the advantage of an establishment elitist media that wants him to stay in power, and makes sure that his coverage doesn’t stay negative for too long.

As a result, the polls have started to move back in Trudeau’s favour. Here are the results of two recent polls:

Campaign Research:

(Increase or decrease from previous poll Campaign Research poll)

  • Liberals: 43 (+9)
  • Conservatives: 27 (-7)
  • NDP: 16 (no change)

Nanos Research:

  • Liberals: 41.4
  • Conservatives: 28.1
  • NDP: 17.0

Some may be tempted to dismiss these results because both the Conservatives and NDP are in leadership races. However, the Conservatives  were tied with the Liberals in the Campaign Research Poll just one month ago.

It should be noted that the previous Campaign Research poll was taken while Trudeau was being criticized for his Cash-For-Access fundraisers with foreign billionaires, his electoral reform lie, and his trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island.

Both polls also show the NDP stuck under 20%, for what seems to be the long-term. This means any Conservative strategy based on the NDP taking a bunch of Liberal votes is unlikely to succeed. The Conservatives face a serious challenge, since their ceiling in the polls is 40% at best, giving the Liberals a big potential pool of voters.

So, what should the Conservatives do to beat Trudeau?

Conservatives must reshape the Canadian political spectrum.

Right now, the political spectrum in Canada is seen by most people as right vs left. The problem for the Conservatives is that even at the height of the Conservative majority, more Canadians consider themselves Liberal rather than Conservative. In a 2013 survey, 48% of Canadians identified as “liberal,” 25% identified as “conservative,” and 22% identified as “neither.”

As a result of this ideological breakdown, Conservatives need to run perfect campaigns, and get lucky with the Liberal-NDP split in order to win elections. In 2011 for example, there was confusion by many on the left as to whether the NDP or Liberals were in second place, which prevented a clear consolidation behind either one (outside Quebec).

In 2015 however, there were websites devoted to analyzing which party was in 2nd place, and once the Liberals got a string of polls showing them as the most likely alternative to the Conservatives, the NDP vote collapsed and swung to the Liberals, giving Trudeau a majority.

This is what must be kept in mind: The Conservatives need to be both perfect and lucky to win elections. The Liberals just need to be seen as the main non-Conservative Party and keep the NDP vote down.

Look at how hard Stephen Harper worked to incrementally move Canada to the right, and then look at how quickly Justin Trudeau was able to undo almost all of that. Nearly a decade of effort was wiped out in about a year. Taxes are up, a massive carbon tax is on the way, deficits are skyrocketing, our military is underfunded, regulations are piling up, our government serves foreign interests, and our economy is stagnating. It took Trudeau less than a year to set all of that in motion. Imagine what he would do with a decade.

The underlying problem is that until Conservatives reshape the political spectrum to move a majority of people to their side, their margin for error is almost non-existent. The globalist elites who dominate Canada have built a power structure that pushes back against anyone opposed to the status-quo and empowers those like Trudeau and his fellow elitists who don’t have Canada’s best interests at heart. The elites want the right vs left battle to continue, because as long as they win about two-thirds of all elections, they keep moving Canada in their direction. Only substantial change, and a new way of thinking can take down the establishment and put the Canadian people back in charge.

So, how should the Conservatives reshape the political spectrum?

Patriotism vs Globalism

The Conservatives cannot simply offer to tinker around the edges of the economy and government. The government has become a massive and unaccountable behemoth, bleeding Canadians dry. The bureaucracy expands as our earnings shrink, and taxes rise as our income falls. Good, full-time jobs are harder to find than ever, job security is rapidly disappearing, and a select few – those connected to government – are getting richer and more powerful while the rest of us struggle.

If the Conservatives simply campaign as slightly more fiscally responsible Liberals, nothing will change. People already think the Liberals are the party of government and the establishment, so the Conservatives must be something different: The party of the people.

As mentioned above, if the NDP remains around 15%, the Conservatives can’t count on vote splitting to win them seats. They will have to form a new majority, based on being the party of Canada’s national interest.

To succeed now and in the long-term, the Conservatives must take up the mantle of Canadian Patriotism, and repeatedly and explicitly contrast it with the Globalist Elitism of Justin Trudeau.

It’s no coincidence that Trudeau’s poll numbers fell when the Conservatives were hammering him for his Cash-For-Access fundraisers with foreign billionaires, and his trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island. Both stories involved Trudeau being connected to wealthy foreign interests. The Cash-For-Access was the biggest controversy, because it involved Canada being potentially sold out for Trudeau’s personal benefit.

Canadians despise that kind of betrayal, at a very deep level. This was an example of Trudeau’s globalist attitude, and the polls showed Canadians turned against it. however, the Conservatives did not put a clear name to it, and they let it pass once the news cycle moved on. As a result, Trudeau’s numbers have recovered.

I fully expect that if the Conservatives keep the pressure on how Trudeau is selling Canada out, then his poll numbers will decline again and keep going down. But that will require a new level of toughness and focus.

Conservatives will have to rethink some old ideas

Blind devotion to free trade deals that empower foreign courts at our expense should be replaced with a Canada first economic plan, a Canadian Economic Patriotism that seeks to build up our domestic economy, strengthen our country, and put our interests first at all times. The carbon tax and other onerous regulations must be cancelled to unleash the true power and potential of the Canadian economy. The bureaucracy must be reduced to save billions of dollars that can flow into tax cuts, infrastructure, and national defence.

The Conservatives will also have to make sure they are supporters of Canadian Workers. Past policies of bringing in hundreds of thousands of temporary foreign workers to help big business and drive down the wages of Canadian workers must be stopped, and tax loopholes used by the biggest corporations should be closed.

If the Conservatives are seen as the party of international big business they will fail. Only by standing firmly on the side of Canadian businesses and Canadian workers – bringing in policies that are good for both – will a new political movement grow and thrive.

Remember, Trudeau has many connections on Bay Street and among Canada’s corporate elite. That elite – which dominates much of the establishment media – wants to keep the system going as it is. They don’t care that so many Canadians are struggling or that the middle class is being decimated. They just want to keep the money and the benefits flowing to themselves, and they know Trudeau won’t get in the way.

Defending the Canadian Values of Individual Freedom, the Equality of Men and Women, and Freedom of Religion

Successfully contrasting patriotism and globalism will also require unapologetically standing up for the Canadian values of freedom and equality. Trudeau wants to ignore, downplay, and hide those values. Instead of defending the principles that have made Canada such a great country, Trudeau attacks those who defend our principles, and provides political cover for those who want to replace Canada’s freedom-based culture with an oppressive way of thinking.

We need to have the courage to stand up for our values of individual freedom, the equality of men and women, and freedom of religion. Those values are right, they are good, and they are what gives Canada hope for the future. They must never be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Putting Canada First

This idea of explicitly putting Canada first is something Canadians have not heard from any political party in a long time, and the Conservatives are best positioned to do it.

Making it happen will require explicitly stating the difference between Patriotism (Putting Canadian Interests First), and Globalism (Serving the interests of multinational corporations, banks, and other well-connected politicians).

It will require stating that Canada is no longer be afraid to assert ourselves and take our rightful place as a powerful and influential nation. Putting our interests first and embracing Canadian patriotism is the necessary path both for our national success, and for the political success of those seeking to defeat Justin Trudeau.

Remember: Trudeau is already the candidate of globalism and elitism, so the path to defeating him must come from Canadian Patriotism.

Trudeau fears Canadian Patriotism

Trudeau Global Citizen
No Justin, we’re Canadian Citizens, not “Global Citizens.”

There is already a clear sign that Justin Trudeau knows he is vulnerable to a Canadian Patriotic Movement. He has explicitly called for Canada to become a Post National State,” meaning he sees it as in his interests to destroy any sense of Canadian nationalism and replace it with a globalist ideology that dispenses with the values of Western Civilization and replaces love of country with love for a vague and undefined “global citizenship”

This is the opening to reshape the political spectrum. Behind the moderate image, Justin Trudeau has a radical agenda. He truly believes the idea of nation-states is outdated and must be replaced. He truly believes he should serve an international agenda rather than the Canadian people.

That’s not what Canadians want and Justin Trudeau knows it.

When given a choice between putting Canada first or putting other countries first, Canadians will pick Canada every time. But that will only happen with a sustained effort to make the case for why globalism has been so harmful, and wypatriotism is the way to fix it.

Conservatives can offer a new way of looking at politics, by having the courage to make the clear contrast between Patriotism and Globalism.

After all, Canadians should not be afraid to love our country, and we should never be afraid to put our interests first.

This is the path not only to defeating Justin Trudeau, but towards reshaping politics for decades to come and ensuring our beautiful country reaches its full potential.

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Spencer Fernando

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