PRIORITIES: Fix Canada Instead Of Giving Billions To Other Countries

Canada spends $6 billion every year in foreign aid.

Some of the countries that get foreign aid from us are shocking:

China, Russia, and Pakistan are among the recipients of Canadian foreign aid.

None of this foreign aid money was created by the government. It was all created by Canadian workers, who then had it taxed away.

Instead of that taxpayer money being spent to fix our own country, it is sent to other nations, depriving Canadians of the benefit of the money we earned.

To get a sense of how much money is really given away in foreign consider this: As the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation noted, more taxpayer money is spent on foreign aid than the combined budgets of our health department, food inspection agency, and environment department.

The foreign aid budget is also bigger than the RCMP and Border Services Agency budgets – something to keep in mind as our border remains unsecured.

Canadian taxpayers money should be spent helping Canadians

Canada has many serious problems that we need to fix:

Many reserves are without plumbing, clean water, and infrastructure. Countless Canadian seniors live in poverty. Veterans are abandoned by the government. Homelessness is at high levels in many of our downtown cores.

And yet, instead of fixing those problems, the government gives billions away outside our country.

It’s unacceptable, and it needs to change.

I tweeted about this last night, and judging by the response, it seems Canadians are waking up to the hypocrisy of foreign aid:

When we pay taxes, we are paying our government to provide services for us. If people want to help other countries that’s a great thing. There is certainly a need for help around the world. But that should be a private decision. Anyone can easily go online and make a donation to almost any organization in the world within minutes. Let people make that choice themselves, instead of the government forcibly taking our money and then sending it away without us having a say on it.

Foreign aid should not be a government responsibility. Canada’s government must work to serve the Canadian people, and fix the very serious problems our country faces.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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