UNBALANCED: Carleton University Removes Weight Scales To Avoid “Triggering” Students

SJW’s keep getting crazier

Every time you think political correctness can’t get any crazier, someone – usually at a university – brings things to a whole new level of absurdity.

That’s what happened at Carleton University.

Apparently, the recreation and athletics department at Carleton University was concerned about there being weight scales in the gym.

So, they decided to remove them.

There are now zero weight scales in the gym at Carleton University.

Apparently, one student said “Scales are very triggering.”

This is crazy.

The response to this total stupidity was swift:

Amazingly, the director of athletics actually tried defending it. In an email to CBC he said “Although it can be used as a tool to help measure certain aspects of fitness it does not provide a good overall indication of health and here at athletics we have chosen to move away from focusing solely on bodyweight.”

That’s garbage.

Some students realized how dumb it was to remove the scales, with one saying it was the “next escalation of trigger culture.”

Another said, “those who are offended by the scale can simply choose not to use the scale.”

Of course, weightlifters and boxers need a scale to check their weight, but I guess they weren’t “triggered” enough for Carleton to consider their viewpoints.

This “trigger warning” insanity has to end

This obsession with people taking “offence” or being “triggered” by everything has to come to an end. By trying to turn everyone into victims, SJW’s are actually denigrating the strength of human beings. They are ignoring our ability to overcome hardship, to learn, to grow, and to get stronger.

Removing gym scales won’t help anybody, it will just make avoiding reality easier, which hurts in the long-run.

This craziness needs to come to an end. Time for rationality and common-sense to make a comeback.

Spencer Fernando

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