WATCH: Trudeau Minister Fails Miserably Trying To Defend M-103

Minister of Heritage Melanie Joly probably thought she was going to get a soft interview when she went on CBC Power & Politics to defend the Trudeau Liberal’s controversial motion M-103.

That’s not what happened:

Instead, reporter Terry Milewski actually challenged Joly on the merits of M-103, challenges Joly was completely unable to answer.

Milewski pointed out that “Islamophobia” literally means “fear of Islam,” and noted that Islam is a religion, not a race. Milewski also pointed out that talking about opposing bigotry against Muslims – as a Conservative motion would have done – would make much more sense than using the word “Islamophobia.”

It’s not “Muslimophobia,” said Milewski, “it’s not phobia about people,” it’s “Islamophobia” which is a religion.

Milewski totally nails it, pointing out the hypocrisy of the Trudeau Liberals trying to turn the issue into racism, when it’s anything but.

He went even further, noting,  “Someone may say that ‘I object, strongly, to Islamic ideas like the death to apostates, death to the infidels, death to gays, they may object to those things and those are reasonable objections, and that’s “fear of Islam.”

Joly was clearly not prepared for Milewski’s truth-telling, and failed miserably trying to defend M-1o3. Watch the interview below:

M-103 is a terrible motion, and “Islamophobia” is clearly a word meant to shut people up rather than address a real problem.

If the Minister for Heritage has so much trouble defending M-1o3 against basic logic, it’s a clear sign that M-103 should be scrapped.

As Canadians, we must never let the government erode our right to free speech.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube