WATCH: Trudeau Minister Fails Miserably Trying To Defend M-103

Minister of Heritage Melanie Joly probably thought she was going to get a soft interview when she went on CBC Power & Politics to defend the Trudeau Liberal’s controversial motion M-103.

That’s not what happened:

Instead, reporter Terry Milewski actually challenged Joly on the merits of M-103, challenges Joly was completely unable to answer.

Milewski pointed out that “Islamophobia” literally means “fear of Islam,” and noted that Islam is a religion, not a race. Milewski also pointed out that talking about opposing bigotry against Muslims – as a Conservative motion would have done – would make much more sense than using the word “Islamophobia.”

It’s not “Muslimophobia,” said Milewski, “it’s not phobia about people,” it’s “Islamophobia” which is a religion.

Milewski totally nails it, pointing out the hypocrisy of the Trudeau Liberals trying to turn the issue into racism, when it’s anything but.

He went even further, noting,  “Someone may say that ‘I object, strongly, to Islamic ideas like the death to apostates, death to the infidels, death to gays, they may object to those things and those are reasonable objections, and that’s “fear of Islam.”

Joly was clearly not prepared for Milewski’s truth-telling, and failed miserably trying to defend M-1o3. Watch the interview below:

M-103 is a terrible motion, and “Islamophobia” is clearly a word meant to shut people up rather than address a real problem.

If the Minister for Heritage has so much trouble defending M-1o3 against basic logic, it’s a clear sign that M-103 should be scrapped.

As Canadians, we must never let the government erode our right to free speech.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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She has no friggin idea what in the hell she is talking about but will soon find out the definition to her ignorance.
She in my view, is very anti-Canadian, anti Canadian values, anti-jews, anti- Christian, anti-anybody who goes against her radical liberal party.
What saves the anti-Canadian liberal radical party is one and only the media.


I agree she is a typical Liberal, it’s her way or no way she will change her views, they can take their phobia and stick it up their ass. She is anti Canadian, along with Igra Kalidby pushing this bill it will do the opposite it will make it worse for every Muslim, and Canadians will fight back and never accept this bill, and I will be one of many


Absolutely right. We in Canada have laws that completely cover this topic. She wants one religion over another how decidedly un-Canadian.

Lena Grasso

I agree Jen, she has no idea what so ever of what she’s talking about and did not answer Terry’s questions at all. All I got from her is Islamophobia islamophobia islamophobia ….seems to be the only word i identify her with. I say kick the liberals out of office !!!


She never addressed the fact that Islam is not a race. It’s a political ideology or religion. Muslimsare believers of this ideology. Muslims are not a race. Since when is it a crime to criticize ANY ideology or belief system in Canada? This has everything to do with taking away our right to FREE SPEECH! Make no mistake! And by the way, the Quran is full of hate speech against infidels, Jews, and apostates. And this hate speech is being taught in Mosques in Canada. Why isn’t that addressed? And with so many immigrants coming to Canada from Muslim countries,… Read more »

Anna Kmita Koncz

She is dumb of IQ below 100. God please save us from liberal stupidity.


I went to an Univer-City and I am totally impacted by recommendations that people, like me that tell me, like, totally that I am right.

carmen koshman

Liberalism is a mental disordee


She has to be one of the dumbest women I’ve ever had to listen too. This just shows what it takes to be a liberal, an empty head. Sounds a lot like her idol Trudumb with all the stuttering and dodging questions. He couldn’t get it through her thick skull what islamaphobia is haha. So liberal, charging for a cause when you don’t even know what or why. I guess now religion is classified as race.

Allen Burrell

Islam should not be considered a “religion” but a political ideology. It wants to take over the world and impose it’s values and expectations on the entire planet and/or “eliminate” those that will not convert. I define Islamophobia as the fear of a political ideology which is not compatible with normal and established western values. Then it all makes sense.


Allen, a “phobia” is defined as an “irrational fear”. Nothing you speak to can be considered irrational.

henrik arboe jensen

Spot on

william legge

Who elected these crazies.

william legge

Who elected these Crazies?????

Mel Moore

Stupid Canadians who don’t know any better. They REALLY didn’t know just how good we had it with Harper. They voted for a face that turned out to be a traitor. He won’t defend our border to illegals seeking “asylum” from the United States. Yes, the United States!! Now it’s just one tax grab after another to pay for programs that certainly don’t benefit the middle class. Only the Liberals can think they can grow the middle class by making them extinct.

Lorraine Armstrong

Central Canada William. Specifically Ontario and Quebec. They would like to change their minds now, but it’s too late. We do NOT have recall legislation for any federal government and they will NOT allow the Governor General to do his job and remove Trudeau at the request of the Canadian people. We are strangers in our own land. Welcome to how the west always feels in this country.

G lang

Simply the leftist elites trying to systematically undermine our right to speak out in opposition to anything the support which began with the idea of Political Correctness Taken DIRECTLY From Chairman Mao’s Red Book


The more she talks the less sense she makes. If what she is saying is true and muslim hate crimes are going up then enforce laws that are already in place. People are angry and don’t want to support this motion because they don’t agree with the Islamic faith teachings. The teachings of the Islamic faith go against our way of life and laws of our country. That is fact. There are laws in place to protect people from discrimination already so how about the police just do their jobs. This motion is just further aggitating people and will only… Read more »


I agree the police should enforce the law that is according to our constitution and under the Charter or rights and the government needs to support the police to do this. She states that “we know there are hate crimes against the Muslims”. Is she in a dream world….what about the Jews in our country and by the way I am not Jewish but I do not like to see anyone hurt because of their “religion”. It is not just the Muslims….I do not want to see them hurt. We do have that freedom in Canada ….freedom of religion, freedom… Read more »


She admits other “phobias” such as homophobia, etc, yet isn’t championing a law to protect them specifically. She doesn’t care that the attack on parliament hill was by a muslim, who killed a non-muslim, nor the week prior the targeted attack, one of whom was killed, by a muslim. She would have more credibility if she expressed concern about all of that violence, not just that against muslims. The Charter guarantees that all people are to be treated equally, and M103 flies in the face of this. We already hate laws and hate speech laws in this country to protect… Read more »

Gordon Berger

Stupid dumb idiot…


Muslims, like ‘every’ other Canadian are already protected under our Constitution. The woman pushing for this motion is Iqra Khalid…a Muslim who was president of the Muslim Student Association at York University. The MSA was founded by adherents of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1963. The MSA has a series of alumni who have become suicide bombers, ISIS fighters and ISIS propagandist. Iqra Khalid describes herself as a brown, ‘muslim’, Canadian. This woman is an MP…in Canada…and she does not consider herself a ‘Canadian’ first and foremost. How does someone like this end up in a leadership roll in this country.… Read more »

Maddie Peer

All the Liberal party had to do was eliminate one word, Islamaphobia, and everyone could agree on this motion. The fact they would not is troubling, makes you wonder what sort of hidden agenda is lurking in the background. As mentioned by several others, we already have the Charter and laws such as the hate speech laws that protect us. We do not need a government task force, if it goes this route, to look into the causes of racism or bigotry, we already know the answers to that. We do not need motions that single out one group of… Read more »

Andrew Brown

So were supposed to be fearful of words as she says but being fearful of a devote religion that subjugates women and kills gays these actions and beliefs are not to be feard ? ummmkay gottah !!


until the govt.reconizes ALLreligions this bill is garbage ,no other religion talks of killing and raping and trying to sneak in little bits of sharia law and that starts with the blaspheme law which is under m103 .


She is a puppet of Justin who is a puppet of Soros and has no clue about reality.
The Liberals are hell bent on destroying our culture…. We will NOT comply.

Moe Bhatha

Will mp Khalid and their liberal party condemn the Muslim brotherhood Hezbollah and Hamas. This bill m103 is a way to divide this great and create hate in Canada.


Why didn’t he ask her about what is going on in Europe?


The more I learn about it the more it seems to be more like a Cult than some kind of religion. .And yes I’m afraid of it..

it's OK to hate me?

As a Jew, I demand a motion against anti-semitism. Jewish synagogues, community centres and Jewish people are constantly under threat and under attack. Nobody hates the Jewish religion, rather, people hate the Jews as a group. There are many documented hate crimes against Jews and yet, the only thing this friggin government cares about is Islamophobia? There should be a law that protects ALL religious and cultural groups !!! WTF !!!!

Andre Duguay

Liberals want to destroy Canada, plain and simple

Vladislav Muravin

What about someone like myself, a secular Jew? Liberals were so silent on all the recent bomb threats to JCC centers? I am surprised that CBC, and especially Terry, dared to challenge her. Is Terry looking for a job? She has no idea what the hell she is talking about. Liberals – never let a good crisis go to waste.


She had a practiced speech and no matter what he said she just repeated her speech. She never answered when he asked about hateful things that radical islams do she just repeated, and repeated her crap. All people in Canada deserve equal treatment although from an Alberta standpoint that has never happened.

Harry D.

How can someone this ignorant be elected to such an important position? She doesn’t bother to listen; just spouts her nonsense!

Aileen McGeachie

Why is it so difficult for this person to understand that you can not mandate against fear?
Islam is an ideology with religious, political and military components.
I am afraid of the time when all these components of this ideology are imposed upon our nation.
What will this honorable member of parliament propose then to protect people?
I believe we already have laws against hate crimes against any and all members of our society.

Mike Marcotte

the liberals have to open their eyes, and look at countries overseas and see what is happening with the muslin religion , its not the people themselves its their religious leaders teachings, this is what we are against, its this hard to understand, how about them talking about killing jews, in their temples , hate begins at home and if its drilled into you all the time , it only becomes nature for you to become hateful, but i can’t understand why the government is allowing the teaching of hate in these places . mark my words we will be… Read more »

Lone Ranger

You can be sure the liberals loons are well aware of the situation overseas… how could they not be…? Our real concern should be WHY? What is the elusive motive behind the insanity of the left, both here and in America…? Why have the many muslim nations not taken in their own…? They can certainly handle them… I doubt we would be immigrating to any islamic nation if the west was in a state of constant war… It is because this is a passive invasion. They are seeding the world with foreign invasive weeds that will out grow and eventually… Read more »

Karen Macinnis

Muslims want m-103 now because Canada is catching on to what they are all about! The big question to bear in mind is why the Islamophobia motion was unanimously agreed upon in Parliament.The motion demands that Islamophobia be treated as a crime without understanding or defining the offence.Canada is allowed to be concerned about this m-103! Canada first not Sharia law.

Teresa Scott Bolen

I do not agree with this minister. Islamophobia does not exist. There is a very valid fear of this religion which has nothing to do with race. This woman is totally out of touch.

Raymond Haines

I’m totally ashamed of our Government we need Mr Trump as a leader

Philip Tessier

Seriously this is the level of idiot that Trudeau surrounds himself with.


I fear Liberals and think that I suffer from Liberalophobia. Does that make me racist? This government is nuts

Lone Ranger

The liberals are fools and oblivious infidels… Islamification is a disease… it is a threat to the country and the western world. While we are encouraged to have fewer children the muslims have 5 children… wake up before our grandchildren are forced to become muslim or die… The plan is to populate and dictate people. The liberal idiots for some reason, are fine with destabilizing the west… We need to know why they are willing to jeopardize our culture and Christian roots for a religious ideology that is bound on exterminating all other religions and cultures in the name of… Read more »


Sign the new E-petition E-909 to change the Canadian Charter of Rights calling upon the Government of Canada to propose an amendment to the Constitution Act of 1982, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, stating that Sharia Law or separate Sharia family courts will never have a place in the Canadian Justice System.

Philip Kuefler

Wow, even if she explained herself in French , it would be difficult to follow the illogic, systemic racism of Muslims, what race is a person practising the Islamic religion? Prejudice of Islam? We are going to make a law prohibiting criticism of a religious ideology that promotes murder? I wonder who voted for her and what they think of her, she’s cute, Oh that’s a critical comment of her appearance, that will be a criminal offense soon.

This is semantics. The term ‘Islamophobia’ denotes the creation in the western mind of a boogeyman out of Islam but c’mon, by extension this touches Muslims, for without Muslims – living, breathing, working, praying humans a shared general monotheistic faith – there is no Islam. Are you going to get nitpicky about Antisemitism? Because guess what? The 19th c. categorization of Jews and other people of eastern Mediterranean origin into the ethnicity ‘semites’ has been discredited as it was just another western orientalist view of brown ‘others’ not of the European Christian faith. So the term has evolved a century… Read more »

If history documents a religion we ought to fear, the gold medal without a doubt belongs to politicsl Christianity. The murders and other crimes against humanity committed in the name of the cross stretch from Tierra del Fuego to Baffin Bay, across Eurasia, Australasia, throughout Africa (still today killing gay people in Uganda). It’s hard to defend this record. Instead, attack the new ascendant other before learning our own historical lessons.


Rogue Primate writes that “Muslims are living in fear in this country.” I honestly believe that no one should be living in fear in any country. And perhaps, Rogue Primate, should consider how many millions of Christians and Jews are living in fear in so many other countries before he/she cries out only for the problems here. The fact is that Islam, yes, which is adhered to by Muslims, is the “intentional and unapologetic” aim and goal and premise of the religion. Period. Regardless of what you call it and what we mean by Islamophobia — that fact does not… Read more »

henrik arboe jensen

Canadian people are not allowed to b affraid off being shut/stabt/moved down in the street by islamfollowers a otherwise common fenomenon all over the free world.libs ask people not to critique something they are scared like hell over.. i think the libs have driven themselves up in a corner, trying to carry the weight of the world with there stiff upperlip.islam want world domination intolerant of critic but you are not allowed to say it, that is slander. No no, not in a sarcastic way, slander is to reveil this supremacist narrative.its the soul of islam.well its suddently crazed looned… Read more »

When any government (or people) lose their moral compass, they have lost all sense of direction. As Conrad Black says in another national Canadian newspaper today, when you say there is “no God” — you cannot say then that there is a “right” and a “wrong”. So anything goes that makes anyone feel better at a given time — like winning votes.

elizabeth penney

The government has started all this bull. By taking away health care that once was covered, but now denied , to pay for all the free loaders who Trudeau has brought into our country Us tax paying canadians are being pushed aside, losing our right to free speech, losing our heritage & culture to people who come here & make demands & the government gives into them.

Lisa DeGraw

If that isn’t treason I don’t what is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another EMPTY HEADED BRAINLESS LIBERAL, who hasn’t got a fkn clue what she is talking about.

jack grandville

At this moment in time, it may seem a waste of time, but I must repeat what I had said back when this ‘issue’ was skillfully designed by lawyers who have the ability to create confusion with wording as they intend, and the typical Liberal vocabulary for anything they bring forth which, to an average person is a clear as a painted picture, and deny there is any similarity to what the ‘average’ person sees, to what the real issue is. This subject was specifically worded to create confusion and, depending on an individual’s capability of interpreting a subject one… Read more »